youth day = problems for me

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on May 29, 2008
ii really do love the idea of a well put together youth ministry, ii just have problems with the one that ii am apart of. this time every year ii get frustrated beyond belief. there are going to be issues, everyone is running around like crazy people and time flies by faster than blessings…but all that is to be expected so ii have, yet again, learned to deal with that. so, what is the problem?? the key word in youth day is YOUTH!!! so, someone tell me why the youth have no say so in whats going on. the songs the choir is singing, them. the attire for the day, them. the rehearsal days leading up to this day, them. every decision that could possibly be made is by….them. so why the heck am ii even involved. they do all the work and then we take the fall?? is that really how things are supposed to work. people that are not even in charge of youth ministry are making decisions when they should be worried about other stuff. stuff that we want to do is being denied for one reason or another…and for what?? this is why ii have problems. because people want to¬† shine their lights so damn bright that its blinding me. youth day is for the youth and that means that the decisions that are being made should be left in our hands. ii thought last year was bad but this right here is worse, simply because we have no say so in what is going on. ii dont like being told what to do, im not too good with that. even when ii dont get to sing what ii wanna sing, wear what ii wanna wear, do what ii wanna do, show up when ii wanna show up..ii am okay knowing that the decision was still made by the YOUTH and majority rules. last year, we had to wear white shirts and different color tops, did ii wanna wear that?? not at all. but ii wore it because we VOTED…[[the youth that is]] and that is what we came up with. no one was telling us what we had to put on. this year, someone decides they WANT the youth to get some t-shirts from lifeway. we have to go to someone, on our own to order which ones we want, we have to pay for the ones we want, AND THERE IS A LIL OVER A WEEK UNTIL YOUTH DAY GETS HERE. so guess who’s gonna be wearing t-shirts and khakis?? not Tanae’. why?? because ii want to do what ii want to do. guess who’s gonna be singing?? not Tanae’. why, because we have two rehearsals before next week and ii refuse to get up anywhere and embarrass myself. and guess who had a say so in anything that will be going on June 8, 2008?? not any of the youth….why not?? because SOMEONE wants to be in charge and run everything without consulting the youth, youth council members or anyone else that could possibly be involved in anything….II DO NOT AGREE && IF II WASN’T A ~CHANGED~ WOMAN OF GOD {{lmao}} II WOULD SERIOUSLY SIT IN THE PEW LIKE IT AINT NOTHING BUT A THANG BUT, IM GONNA BE obedient AND DO WHATS NECESSARY EVEN THO BEHIND MY SMILE IM GONNA HAVE A KILLER ATTITUDE!! please, please, please pray for SBC youth ministry.