nine.eleven…nd the entire month of september

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on September 11, 2009

ii woke up this morning at 2:35 for no reason at all because my alarm was clearly set for 3:10. but when ii looked at my phone the first thing ii noticed, besides the usual txts nd emails, was the date. eight yrs ago too many people lost their lives nd today too many families still grieve. where was ii?? ii was in my ninth grade english class when the first plane hit. when the news of the second plane came thru ii was sitting at a lunch table with all my peers. ii think thats the quietest i’ve ever seen a high school cafeteria… ppl were crying. calling home. trying to leave early nd obviously confused. ii remember sitting there huddled up crying, not knowing what to think or what to do. all of us in the same boat. helpless, confused, angry…thankful. for one of the first times in our lives we were staring the evil of the world in the face nd were old enough to understand but too young to really grasp what really happened. all we knew is that someone somewhere had attempted to ruin our country nd in the process ripped apart families, businesses nd hearts. forever ii remember nine.eleven.

one thing that ii realized last night was that just like terrorists came in nd invaded our space eight yrs ago… we have terrorists right here in america invading our space nd threatening our lives. nd for some reason not enough people care. people are dying everyday at the hands of “terrorists” nd we turn our backs as if it doesnt matter. that fact alone hurts me more because this is our homeland… GoD bless America but first…America bless GoD!!


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yes ii am well aware that bettermentation is not a word but ii decided to use it anyway. who cares. anywho…. ii am frustrated beyond belief because ii REALLY REALLY need to sign up for these classes while ii have time nd am still motivated but dont know the first thing about online classes. think ii need an advisor asap. maybe ii just need to go to the education center on base. idk. but someone needs to help me like ral soon before ii get an attitude. just trying to stay on my hustle ya digg.


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ii really dont know what is going on in my life recently. its not bad but its not good either. looking forward to a lot of things. kinda trying to hold on to the things that are to come. idk… faith will take you a long way. mommy nd the fam are doing well. ii love it. ii love lifee. nd some times things get bad nd ii hate it but at the end of the day ii dont know if ii wanna wake up in the morning but everyday im grateful that God keeps waking me. im happy to be alive.