too good to be true…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on May 11, 2009

ok… im completely wrapped up .in over my head. its crazii. ii dont know what it is about this dude but we just .clicked. and ever since then thats where ii spend all my time. with him or at work. oh… by the way work is going wonderful. ii got put on the awesome shift and we are about to go to a three watch so there will be no long hours every other day. ii can not wait. im still trying to figure out if we are going to be closed on mem day cause ii want to get me some good crabs lol. unfortunately thats the weekend that Mr. Love is doing show but if ii gotta do the weekend thing its not going to be good for anybody cause the traveling sucks on the w.e. ii was actually considering getting a rental car for the w.e but since my liscence expired ii dont think thats going to be possible. besides… me driving 7 hrs to go home will not be good for my sleepy self  lol. just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that everything is going better than planned right now and if all continues to work in my favor ill be receiving some good news in a few weeks but we’ll hold off on that until we have .official. word of whats going to happen. ii dont wanna say things are too good to be true because ii know that it is possible for things to go great but ii also know that when everything in my life something is about to go haywire. so im just enjoying the luxury of life right now nd praying that whenever the next storm comes (cause one always comes) that ill be more than prepared for it. until next time… keep me in your constant prayers nd ill do the same for you. p.s.s my sis is off restriction now so she’s happy again… good to hear her laughing nd enjoying herself once again.

oh… and ii want everyone to know that ii have the BEST mother on this side of the earth nd ii appreciate her tremendously. she is my everything and without her there is no me. she did more than just give birth and take care of me… she was everything that ii ever needed her to be even when ii didnt think ii needed her at all. happy .belated. mothers day to all.


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…thats the only way ii know to describe my life right now. lol… things are well tho. for the most part. no complaints right now…. well a few but ii wont bore you. just keep me in your prayers and ill do the same for all my readers. luvzz nd hugzz