how ii feel right now at this very moment…

Posted in life by Tanae' A. on May 26, 2008
yes, that’s just how ii feel. ii just woke up from an intoxicating slumber and ii love it. you ever sleep for so long that you wake up wondering what really happened?? you feel like you dont know what was going on because you were out of it for so long. thats how ii feel after naps of this sort and ii love it. sleep is my escape, my release. it takes me out of self and places me in a world where thoughts can run free and just for a few hours ii can depart from the chaos and confusion around me. ii am addicted to this feeling. ii live for it. ii need it. nothing compares. iced caramel macchiatos aren’t even this wonderful and you know ii need my starbucks on the regular. right now, my mind is trying to catch up with the time and ii desperately want to get back into the bed. maybe the next time ii wake up, the gas prices will be below 3.50…doubt it?? being as tho that is what sent me into my euphoric state anyway. yes, ii am blaming my high on the gas. ii looked at the prices, then looked at the tank and all of a sudden felt the need for a fix and since starbucks wasnt anywhere to be found, ii was forced to go to my pillow for comfort. well, im not sure how long this high will last today, usually lingers for about an hour. but while its here ii might as well get something to eat.
have a wonderful memorial day and take a few minutes to really APPRECIATE the day off…its not just another day off work, there’s meaning behind it. so before you bite into a nice juicy turkey burger straight off the grill be sure to send a thanks up to those that have made this day so wonderful. talk to you all on tuesday.