just to keep you informed

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on February 26, 2009

the past week has not been that good but im makin it. medical is annoying me badly. things in the barracks have gone haywire. && verizon wireless really wants to stress me out. other than that ii am relatively good. been watching t.p. movies all week since ii cant go see madea goes to jail until this craziness is over. been laughing at the hubby all week long cause he actually has a way of cheering me up. and he actually let me make him a facebook today so ii was excited about that lol. just keep me in ya prayers but all is well.


when its all said and done

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on February 3, 2009

hello world!!

ii have missed this place tremendously. but after today im going to be on my toes. a lot has gone on since the last time ii posted and unfortunately my time is cut short today. ii am well. the Marine corps. is treating me good and ii have no complaints. ii have been talking to my fam and loved ones everyday so being away from home is a blast. ii get to go visit the fam in about two weeks so im excited about that.

yesterday was not a good day for me. everything went well. it was my NaNa’s bday and my beautiful god-daughter was born. ii plan on spoiling her to death by the way lol. but yesterday would have also been my aunt Tee’s bday as well. it made me miss her so much that ii didnt even want to call NaNa to say happy bday. mommy took her out and then Turtle dove took her to dinner so she enjoyed it which is good but ii wasnt too happy. also coming up shortly will be the one year anniversary of my Bishops passing. ii been thinking about that a lot lately and ii think that it was a lot easier to deal with the one year of cornie just because ii wasnt in shiloh during that time. but, ii know that all my lovies that have gone on are up in heaven and are proud of me.

ii find out where ii get stationed in about 7 weeks so the admin. people here said that as soon as ii find out they would help me to enroll in classes somewhere nearby. they suggested online classes but ii miss being in a classroom. trust…ill have plenty of time to take classes and hopefully ill have my degree within three years. yes, im working that hard towards it. if all else fails, when ii finish my active duty ii can have money saved up to complete my final semester or two.

well hopefully all of my readers are doing good. until next time be blessed. ii promise to write again by the weekend. my word.