Take the time to apologize

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on May 11, 2006

This aint gonna be for everybody so if it dont apply to you i’m sorry you’re wasting your time. This one is for all the people that have cared. All the ones that have stuck by my side since day one and aint never give up on me. For the people that had high expectations and still have some kind of hope that things will be okay. All the people that prayed and tried to help, this one is for you. If you dont fall into that category you might as well stop while you’re ahead.

I didn’t realize until yesterday how many people i have affected by some of the decisions i’ve made and still continue to make. I didnt understand that so many people were on the sidelines cheering me on and to those people that i did hurt I apologize, that was not my intention. I get it now, I now understand how my actions are no longer just affecting me. I’m beginning to catch on. I offer my apologies not because of the decisions that I’ve made but because I’ve caused you an extra headache or two. I’m sorry but at the same time I’m thankful because you have been there and you continue to be there. After too many let downs, after too many times of trying, you are the ones who have stood by my side and have given your all to help lil old me. So I want you all to know that I appreciate you and I now realize that you care and you have had my best interest at heart for a long time. I’m sorry that you all had to be affected by what i decided to do, I wish I could change things but i can’t. I love you all dearly, you know who you are, and I thank God for you. Thank You!

All My Love,

An Amazing God

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on May 8, 2006

I just love God! He is so amazing. He knows how to show up when you least expect Him to and in ways you would never imagine. God just has this way of putting people in your life and moving through them in such a way that you KNOW it aint nobody BUT God! Over the past few weeks God has been putting some people in my path that are teaching me lessons every day. People that wouldn’t usually show up. People that just pop outta no where just to relay a message from God. But the thing that gets me is that those same people that God is using to help me out is the same people that would never believe God could use them. God is amazing. It just blows my mind the way He moves. The way He orchestrates stuff. The way He positions people. And to think at one point in time I really didn’t believe! He is such a wonderful God and for anybody that dont believe, anybody thats lacking faith….hahaha just wait a while. Just sit back and wait cause God will move in the exact way that you dont expect Him to and when He does move trust, you will know it’s Him cause it can’t be nobody else doing the things that He does!!!