back where ii belong…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on August 11, 2009

its monday nd im back in the ville. yess ii lovee it. so happy to get away from bmore. ii kinda enjoyed my time home but for the most part it was a very annoying reminder that its no longer home. its a sad reality to accept but what other choice do ii have. n.c is my home now. away from family nd the friendss that remain. away from the memories nd past that haunts me. this is my life now nd ii honestly lovee it. ii love being here by myself. ii love being able to disconnect myself from all those ppl with just the push of a red button on my cellular. its sad ii know but who cares. it is what it is nd im content. im finally back where ii belong nd from here on out ii wont be so eager to go  back to baltimore. the only reason ii have for taking that trip would be to see my mom. keep her in your constant prayers by the way… shes doing good but things will def get worse before they get better.

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