according to PLAN…lol

Posted in life, people I love, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 12, 2008
ii am most priviledged to announce that EVERYTHING went according to plan this weekend. there were only a few minor set backs but they did not stop my fun. unfortunately, ii was in the e.r. all morning on friday because ii have a huge whole in my ear drum…its nothing major, ii just cant hear on the right lolzz. well, today is another monday and unfortunately it is raining like ridiculous and ii really want to go home and get in the bed but ii am at work and working hard since ii have to get caught up on all of last weeks missed time.
ii actually did learn one thing this weekend and that is that some people do some stupid things in this world…like, you making life decisions that cant be removed…DuH. bet next time you’ll think about that lmao.
and…happy mother’s day to the most beautifulest women in the whole wide world….my NaNa and my Mommy. they are soo amazing and ii lovezz them dearly. a shoutout to my big sis India for being a wonderful mother to that crazy son of hers. and a special happy mother’s day to Laverne, Portia, Suzie and Max…thanks for always being there, yall are the best.