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Posted in life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 19, 2008
ok, we finds out a week ago that youth day is second sunday of next month and that means we have to PRESS in order to have everything complete. they still haven’t even announced it to all the youth yet so ii dont know what is going on but anyways…ii have to dance and sing. as always. so, what is the problem?? really, there is none. a month is good timing to get a dance prepared and teach it. ii just started working on it yesterday and im already more than half way done so im patting myself on the back. but the trouble will come when its time to teach everyone the dance and actually see how all the parts will come together after we fill in the blanks. ii know ii wont have a problem with most of them but there is always that one or two that have problems and like to mess up and what not and this is the type of dance where EVERYONE has to get their part right or it will be a total mess. whatev…im  busy with that for now and have been listening to the same song ALL.DAY.LONG so that ii have the words and moves drilled into my mind. ii know that after this is over with ii will prob HATE this song but oh.well.
week before last. it was a rough one. monday ii ended up taking a half day. then wednesday ii took a whole day because ii didnt feel good. my day thursday at work was terrible and ii was really upset once ii got home but ii was okay because ii was going to get my hair done. ok, ill state now that ii HATE bridges, seriously.keep that fact in mind. ii had a seven o clock appointment so me and shay stopped to get something to eat then headed to the shop. we got there and got out in a good time, then it was time to hop back on the highway and go home. now, nobody told me that at eight o clock at night the highway is jam packed with ignent drivers…i woulda took eastern ave all the way down had ii known that simple fact. anyway, ii get on the beltway and attempt to get over to take the sparrows point exit and NO ONE will let me over so what do you know?? yes ii miss my exit and then ii start seeing these signs for the toll. at first ii wasnt trippin cause ii could very well go thru the tunnel but, um, there was no tunnel. standing proudly before me was the big ass key bridge AND I CANT TURN AROUND NOW!! so im paranoid, trying to find two dollars and yelling at Shay because she would not SHUT UP and here we go. going up. going up. still going up. cars all around me, water under me and ii starts balling. crying some serious tears, legs shaking, hands sweating and all ii hear is Shay telling me not to stop…”just keep driving Nunk, we almost there…keep your speed and DO NOT STOP THIS CAR” well, needless to say that once we got off ii was ok, ii could finally breathe but then ii realized that we were headed towards brooklyn and the only way to get back home would be to go back OVER the bridge. oh.hell.no. so, ii keeps straight, dont know where im going but ii know i aint going over that bridge ever again. so we driving and finally there was a glimmer of hope ahead…MLK Blvd. PRAISE JESUS!!! ii know how to get home from there. so we driving downtown and all of a sudden it gets dark. mond you, ii am half blind ii CANNOT SEE AT NIGHT. so im struggling telling Shay to read the street signs for me so ii know where im at and this ding bat is yelling talking about “LETS CALL MOMMY, WE LOST SOMEWHERE AND DONT KNOW WHERE WE AT…JUST CALL MOMMY!!” well, ding bat, if you would look at the street signs ii could tell you that we are only at frickin fayette street and ii know how to get home from here. around ten o clock we walked into the house and after to horrendous day ii still had to do my hair. so, ii starts getting my stuff together to complete the task at hand. just as im about to straighten it ii goes in my moms room to get the oil sheen and decide that ii want to stratch my ear with the end of the comb. guess what my dumb azz did…i bumped into the tv stand and WHAM!!! the damn comb goes all the way in my ear. PIMP DOWN PIMP DOWN!! all ii could do was drop to my knees and scream and dummie in the other room still sitting in front of the dag on computer doing NOTHING. finally she comes to see whats wrong and tells me that my ear is bleeding…well thanks ii already knew that. so ii call my mother [[with my good ear cause ii was slowly losing hearing in the other]] and tell her what happened. in the meantime ii finish my hair after putting a cotton ball in my ear. eventually ii called the emergency hotline and they told me to take an ibuprofen and go to the emergency room first thing in the morning. so friday, ii had to call out again because ii was in the e.r. all day long. ii have a hole in my ear drum. brilliant me. after they sent me to another doctor ii had to do a hearing test and they gave me drops for my ears. ii have to go back in a month. so last week ii went to work for exactly two and a half days…no more time off for a long time on my end.
tell me why. towards the end of last week ii was sick but ii still pressed my way into work [[and ii so meant to blog about this on friday but the circumstances would not allow]] well, on friday the weather was extra yucky AND ii was getting worse by the minute but ii had already missed so much time last week that ii decided to just go in anyway. ii got to work at 9:15 and my manager sent me home at 10:00. she was complaining about how ii would make everyone sick and ii begged and pleaded to stay but ii was bummed. soon as ii got in the house ii went to sleep. around 6:30 ii got up and went to my besties house. she gave me some meds so ii felt better instantly and ii ate something so that helped too. we had choir rehearsal but no one showed up so we didnt go. so today ii had to crunch and get work done to make up for all this missed time.
today. im here. putting all my time and energy into work and this dance so that ii wont think about the dumbness. ok. im kinda at a point right now where im just saying whatever. giving up on things of the past and doing what ii want to do. no more time to waste on people that dont care. ie:: JHW II. ok. yes, this is about him. everyone knew he had a gf, nothing big. i thought it was just something minor until last night. HE IS BRINGING THIS CHICK HOME TO MEET THE PARENTS… ok, ii have a problem with that. when did it get that serious for him to be bringing chicks home. but, really. ii can even deal with that but the thing that is pissing me off the most is that ii know him and ii know that he is going to try me and bring her to the one place he knows ill be. and when that day comes, my original plan was to act out and go off on both of them but im not even going to do that. when that day comes ii am going to act like nothing matters and not give him the time of day because just like :yang::yang: said, he’s trying to get a rise outta me and so im not gonna let that happen. im just so tired of worried about him. i cant break the ties but ii can def move on and get on with my life…tomorrow holds so many wonderful possibilities.
speaking of tomorrow, well ii dont have plans but ii do have plans for thursday. ii actually have some business to take care of friday so ii wont be at work but thursday we are going out on the town and im excited because my :yang::yang: is going with us. and monday is memorial day so we are out of work…it just sucks that im gonna have to go to dance practice that evening…blah.
ok, everyone. lunch is over. time to finish this work and listen to this song some more. talk to you all soon. have a good day.