life is too short

Posted in life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 5, 2008
tomorrow doesn’t have to come. we dont have to wake up in the morning or make it home from work today. so why the hell do we waste time doing things that are completely pointless. why hold grudges…why be mad…why miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity? today is a gift so why not cherish it and make the most of it. someone that ii love very much just lost his grandmother. he’s upset with me so when ii reached out to make sure he was okay, ii didnt get a response. how long is too long?? well, in my opinion, a minute is too long when tomorrow aint guaranteed. so why waste another minute being mad about something that you cant go back and change?? this morning ii was getting ready for work and ii saw a pic of LeyLey on my computer and for once ii didnt get an attitude. why?? because why waste precious time hating someone when ii cant go back and change a damn thing that happened. yesterday in church an old friend went out of their way to talk to me before ii left out after dancing…usually ii say hello and keep walking because ii was holding a grudge. but yesterday ii stopped and ii talked. because life is too damn short. ii dont know if im going to wake up tomorrow morning and ill be damned if my last day on this earth is going to be spent upset, mad, angry or hating someone for something stupid. ii want to make sure that my last 24 hours is awesome and memorable and fun…so to hell with the negative things…im all smiles and im gonna continue to keep a positive look on things because you just dont know when it’ll be time to say goodbye.


p.s. the backyardigans is the shiz-nit…and P.A. was hott ALL DAY LONG [[sachu]] lol