its been a while. my apologies…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on October 3, 2009

ii know ii been slacking lately. had a whole lot going on with workk nd my internet was down for a while. please forgive me lol.

what has been going on with Tae’ these days?? glad you asked. lifee is good .finally. north carolina is treating me very well. workk is finally back to normal. got BIG plans for the up coming year nd im on a spiritual journey that is out of this world. ii am now a member of Free & Independent Apostolic Church where Bishop Keith Curry is the pastor. I LOVE IT!!! i’ve grown so much in the past two months that I cant even believe the progress that i’ve made sometimes. realizedd yesterday that i’ve lost contact with a lot of home folk that mean a lot to me so gotta get that straightened out asap. BREAKING NEWS!!! im going to be an auntie again!! yup the shinkbutt is prego nd im praying that its a girl. if it is a girl we gonna name her Ximora De’Sha. if its a boy we putting him up for adoption haha. sike. but she’s happy nd that means that im happy. my other lovee, BingBing, is having his third bday party today!!! that boy grew up too fast lol. cant wait to see him next month. nd gonna see the Shay.ster in Dec. she’ll be bringing in the new year on the east coast so im excitedd bout that. then january is my time to shine… haha. hope you all are well. love always. Tae’

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