Posted in decisions, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 22, 2008
ok, so yesterday was a crazy kinda day but ii got thru it in one piece and ii am so glad that it ended the way it did. right now, ii have a few decisions to make that could very well affect the rest of my life…haha, just kidding, it might affect next week but thats about it.
first decision:: it involves TroyBoy. he is most likely going to be moving out of state for a job. this is a good thing people. not only is he benefitting greatly from this opportunity but im also free!! lolzz. ii just feel so tied to him all the time, like im obligated to spend time with him and be around him. finally, there is a legitimate reason to excuse not spending time with him. so what is the decision?? am ii going to spend time with him before he leaves?? okay, first off, this dude is leaving and there is no telling when he is coming back so ii dont want to just hang out, if we hanging ii want to be pampered lmao. ii say this as if im the one moving lmao.but anyways, ii think im leaning more towards not hanging even tho ii know that would be so disrespectful.
second decision:: for my name’s sake ii am going to keep this one very simple. ii dont want anyone looking at me differently because of anything ii decide to do. ii really am a good girl lolzz. ok, the idiot in ohio used to be really good friends with a certain person before me and him even thought about dating. they are not friends anymore, prob haven’t seen each other in over a year. just recently me and this certain person kinda became really good friends, we have a lot in common and we talk a lot about random things which is really stupid lol. but anyways, the past few weeks the conversations have kinda taken a turn. needless to say that both of us are in the same situation as far as relationships are concerned. but, the issue comes, what if the idiot in ohio finds out about us?? thats so disrespectful first of all and second of all ii would be uncomfortable around him knowing that im giving his ex-friend something that belongs to him. so now ii have to think about what ii want to happen with cp even tho we both know it would be nothing more than a summer fling. uurrgghh.
third decision:: what am ii wearing tonite?? ok, ii thought ii had something to wear and then ii tried it on last night and hated it so now ii have to go to the mall after work to find a top to put on. and the fact that its forty degrees in the middle of may is not helping me out at all.  ::sigh::