a change of plans

my thoughts and prayers are with the students, faculty and staff of Randallstown High School and well as the parents, family and friends of Steve Parrish. He was a graduating senior and scheduled to walk across the stage on Sunday. Unfortunately, his life was taken from him on yesterday May 29, 2008. I can not imagine what his family and friends are going thru. To the graduating seniors of Randallstown High, especially my lil cousin Sedria, keep yall heads up. Walk across that stage proud on Sunday. I pray that he is in a much better place and that you all hold onto his memory knowing that he was supposed to be celebrating the beginning of a new chapter with you all. Dria, babes, he might have been supposed to sit on your right side on graduation day but hopefully he’s on God’s right side right now.
Congratulations to all 2008 grads!! including Shany, TJ and my bestie JazzieGurl
ii cant really say what ii am going to do or what ii am not going to do because ii dont want to be a hypocrite…but, ii am changing a lot of things in my life as of right now. im just trying to better me fa’real because ii dont want a scare like that one ii had yesterday ever again. a new month is coming and im not pledging to change over night or to completely step into this ‘holier than tho’ attitude but ii do want to be better and do better. so therefore, ii solicit your prayers yet again. and, if you will please pray that ii am able to go back to school in the fall. ii have one REALLY BIG hurdle to jump over before ii can register but ii really really want to go. and pray for my sister, Jesus knows that cheesecake every other day would be nothing short of a blessing lmao.

new found hate for water…

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personal shout out to Jesus, who is just awesome, for bringing my lil old self thru yet again. ii can never ever repay Him for all the miraculous things He does but while im down here ii might as well praise Him…
now…today, on the last friday of this month…ii was forced to drink so much water that my heart is literally swimming around inside of me lol. everyone knows that ii really dont like water. ii dont drink anymore than a few cups a day and even then it just disgusts me. but, today ii was forced to drink so much of it so ii could get my physical done for the new position at work. so, why did ii have to drink so much water?? BECAUSE NO ONE AT THE OFFICE TOLD ME IT WOULD BE A TWO HOUR WAIT BEFORE II WAS SEEN. so for two hours im drinking water and running to the bathroom like crazy waiting patiently for them to call my name. if ii would have known that the wait was so long ii would have started drinking that water around 10 minutes to 12 rather than at 9:30 this morning. ii do not want to see no water, taste no water, get in no water…ii dont even wanna take a shower til next week lol… ii promise, ii thought ii disliked water then…oh, ii despise it now. uurrgghh [[talk to you guys later, ii have to go pee now lmao]]


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First off, let me start by saying this…ii love God, He is frickin awesome and ii am forever grateful for every single thing that He has brought me thru in my short life. there have been times when ii have KNOWINGLY got myself into some deep crap and He was there to bail me out in a second. looking back, ii know that if He doesn’t do anything else for me ever again…i’m here today, alive and well and that’s the reason for my smile. that’s the reason for my praise. every time God blesses me, brings me thru something or simply helps me out ii am absolutely amazed because ii know that it could be the other way around. that is why, right now, ii cant complain. ii love Him and ii thank Him for EVERYTHING…
however, today ii am running to Him for help and im not sure if He is going to help me out of this one. dont doubt my faith, ii have plenty of that. but ii also know that sometimes my plan is wwaayy different than Gods plan, today ii pray its the same. ii need Him to give me a break once again, bring me out of this. ii cant make any promises, ii cant promise Him that im going to change my ways, ii cant give my word for anything, ii cant even bargain anything…ii just need HELP. ii just need Him to see me thru this one because right now…MY EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE AND II HAVE NOTHING TO FALL BACK ON EXCEPT HIM. if He decides that He does not want me to be in the position that ii want to be in ii will try my absolute hardest to remain faithful and continue to trust in Him. if He brings me thru this ii will greatly benefit.
IF AND ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER…pray…pray…pray. dont stop praying. ii need you to go to God on my behalf. not that He would do anything special for me, because He is going to have His way regardless. but pray that no matter what the outcome may be that ii remain faithful and humble. pray that ii keep the strength for what lies ahead. pray that ii grow more and continue to be the person that HE desires me to be. no matter what the outcome. pray for me. not for my situation…He’s going to take care of that, ii believe that by faith. but pray for me, that no matter what happens ii can still come to Him thanking Him for what he choses to do.
ii want things to work out, ii want that more than anything…but theres a slight chance that it wont work out. im trying not to dwell on that fact, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. but im praying in advance that when He comes thru to bring me thru…i’ll be ready and willing to give more of myself to Him. ii cant promise anything, im far from perfect and a lot of the things ii do are not like Him at all but im still working on bettering me and all ii can offer Him is some effort.
please just pray…only if you believe