why is that gurl so excited??

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Hello everyone!! First of all let me say happy Friday… you all made it thru an entire week in one piece, good bad or indifferent…it is now over so you have a reason to smile. I have two and a half reasons to smile right now and the fact that it is Friday is only the half lolzz…
As most of you know… I have no life. My entire existence is wrapped around work, church and besties and other than that there is nothing else lol. Anyways, on saturday me Shay and LeyLey are going to Mal’s house for a lil get together and I am so excited. I am happy just to be able to chill and hang with new people and play cards all night long. Maybe no one knows how exciting it is to just be in a new environment but I am so super excited about it and thats one of my smiles. Second smile is cut in half so the first half is because I get to spend time with my LeyLey on Saturday and I haven’t seen my darling friend in a while. Second part is because I get to hang with my bae next week. We are going out next Saturday with some other peoples and I am so excited because both our schedules been crazy hectic and I aint had time to hang with him lately.
Prayer Request:: everyone please pray for my big sis Indi*Poo and lil BingBing. He is going to his first day of daycare on Monday and I am happy for him but all of me is so scared cause we wont be there. I hope he likes it and has fun, we’ll see how he does. Indi is going to moving soon and I am so excited but I am also a lil sad cause I am going to miss her and my nephew so much when they are no longer there. I guess I can go visit them and everything but ish wont be the same in the house. Just pray that everything works out okay.

It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’

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Ladies && Gentlemen::

Katt Williams is coming to town!!


ii just got the memo and you already know ya girl is up in there like its nothing. Maybe you dont understand. THIS IS THEE KATT WILLIAMS!! the best of the best. the shortest baddest pimpinest dude in america and he is taking a stroll thru b~more. ii will be purchasing these tickets FIRST THING saturday morning… they go on sale at ten and im calculating the funds at 9:59… please do not play. this a once in a lifetime event and Tanae’ A. is gonna be down there with the crew like it aint nobody’s business. its time to laugh…. it’s pimpin’ pimpin’…

Be Anxious for Nothing…

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Those are the words that I have been continuously hearing for the past two weeks. Be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing… but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests known unto God. Funny thing is that up until today, I didn’t take time out to think about the rest of the verse. Someone just kept telling me be anxious for nothing and thats what I kept feeding my spirit but I didnt realize that I was only eating half a meal. but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING make your requests known unto God. So, I’m sitting here trying to wait for God to give me this that and the other but I aint making my requests known. But even before that the thing that grabbed my attention was the supplication with thanskgiving. To supplicate is to go to God humbly in prayer. Its not just to pray, “Oh God, I need this, this and this. Ame.” No, it’s going to God with nothing, its coming before Him even at your lowest and saying “Look God, here I am. I have nothing if I dont have You.” That small part of the scripture reminds me that sometimes I cant go to God as I would anybody else. When I go to God, sometimes I gotta take off the mask, drop the weight on my shoulders, let go of my pride and just kneel before Him just like I am. Sometimes, I gotta go to Him as just plain old Tanae’, and just thank Him just for plain old Tanae’. It’s amazing because so many times I go to God and I’m going as all this other stuff without really realizing it, I’m going to Him with all this stuff that’s clouding who I am but God is like, I want you as you are and not what this world tries to make you be. That really struck a nerve with me fa’real…. it’s time to start going to Him as humbly as humble can get and thanking Him for everything that I already have and then making my requests known unto him. But EVERYTHING in prayer in supplication, with thanksgiving make your requests known unto Him. I was so stuck on the be anxious for nothing part without really knowing my reasons for believing the first part of that scripture. And now its like, once I think about it and what it is that I am thankful for and what it is that I am requesting I’m realizing that the first part of that falls right into place. When you go to God humbly, with thanksgiving and praises on your lips and you let Him know what it is that you requesting THAN you will see that there is nothing to be anxious about. because when you going humbly you are at a point where you taking time out to listen because you actually want to HEAR what it is that He is saying in response to your requests. When you listen you realize that sometimes you shouldn’t be anxious because the very thing that you are asking for has already been made available to you. So dont waste too much time being anxious for nothing… I wish I could re-write that verse…
Do everything in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, making your requests known unto God and you will have no reason to be anxious for anything

an ok kinda day

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Sometimes people ammuse me. Really. There are so many people that just make me stop and think to myself “did they really just do/say that??” Now days, I just laugh at the ridiculous people because there is no point in saying anything. Like seriously, why waste my time?? There are so many FAKE people in this world that its actually sad and too many folk have this wack ass definition of what it means to be real. I’m forever true blue and oh well to you. If I avoid all dumb ass wack jobs I think that everyday can be an ok kinda day ūüôā

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I present to you all::

Bishop M. Askew Williams


~Rest In Peace~

gone but never forgotten…


caught me by surprise

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Today started out as an okay day. I was tired and had a lot on my mind but it wasn’t a bad day. Things were good and so I decided to email a friend that I haven’t seen a while (totally her fault by the way). We discussed a few things and then right before lunch I get this email saying that she had to tell me something. What is it?? Now, I did not think that it would be anything bad. I figured she was about to share a personal life story to go along with the topic of the day but she tricked me cause the next three words I read was ~Askew William passed~ ok, do not tell me that. No, I dont wanna know. You shouldn’t have told me at all. I tried my hardest to ignore it but I just kept going back to that email and reading those same three words over and over again. There go them damn tears again. Im sitting here looking at Cornell’s pic on my desk wondering why in the world God would take both of them from us. Was He not satisfied with just one?? Maybe Cornell wanted Askew with him up there just like he was with him down here. Maybe God put them together for a reason and wanted them to remain together even after life on this Earth was over. I may not ever understand or be able to deal with the fact that two wonderful great people have been taken from us but I know that God has a plan that I dont have to understand. I was looking forward to seeing his beautiful smile again and hearing his voice and now all we have are memories. I can still see him at that organ with them arms just flying everywhere lol. You would not believe how many services me and Shay were so scared he was gonna fall backwards off that bench lol. Man, I loved me some Askew and now that he is gone I dont know what we are going to do. I’m keeping his family in my prayers and I know that Cornell is taking care of him up in heaven, they gonna give them angels up there a run for their money lol.
Rest In Peace Bishop ~ give Cornell kisses for me

Bishop, My Bishop

Bishop, My Bishop [[aka Askew]]
I never thought I would see this day. I just knew that you were gonna come back just like old times but I guess I was wrong. From the time you first got to Shiloh me and Shay loved ya lil crazy self. You are Cornell were a total package and I never thought we would have to say goodbye. Tell him that I love him and I miss him down here. Tell him that Y&YA are doing pretty darn good with this DonDon fella. Wow, I cant believe this man. This is going to be a hard one to deal with but I know that you and him probably having a blast up there on them heavenly streets. Just dont forget to watch over us and be with us every step of the way. We’ll meet again soon enough.
Rest In Peace 02-19-08

the way things are…

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Let me get this out the way first::
I was reading my posts from yesterday and I realized that there are like fifteen people with all the same names so I need distinguish that millions lol
Kev*Out~ K.James
Kevin~ K.Powe
Ashley J~ Ashley from Syc
LeyLey or Ashley~ A. Stokes
Anthony~ lil drummer boy
AJB~ Anthony Brown
Jessa~ J.Howell
Jess~ J.Powe
Shink~ Shay P.
Shay~ Nashe B.
Yesterday I was thinking about a lot of things and started making plans to actually take a huge step towards I dont know what. I think that t he past week has been so¬†frustrating to me because I feel as tho there are people who dont take time to appreciate now acknowledge the fact that I do more than required.¬†The people that are standing in this circle would look at what is going on and think nothing of it. It doesn’t matter to them and¬†therefore no one is really standing up in my defense or understanding why I’m so effin pissed about¬†it¬†all. At first I thought I was over reacting but every single person that I mentioned it to outside of my family circle has been blown away. Do I think that I am giving or doing too much?? Not at all but I dont want to feel like Im¬†obligated to do anything.¬†There are, however, too many people telling me that I am giving out too much and its not really worth it.¬†Now, I’m stuck right here trying to figure out what decision is best. And of course, I am thinking about everyone’s feelings besides my own. I promised my ShinkButt that I wouldn’t do anything without her. Now, I’m trying to make that move based on my own selfishness and I know that she would be pissed and I would feel so bad. I dont know. I dont think I really have a choice tho, either I keep things how they are and deal with it or I demand a change and deal with the consequences and accept the responsibility.

praise Jesus for presidents’ day

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I have never cared too much about presidents’ day, I just know that its a monday that I have always had out of work and/or school. I guess if I live to see our first black president I’ll start to care lol…
But seriously tho, I am so thankful for this gracious monday because it truely saved my life. seriously. Friday we had our movie and pizza night [[we watched a documentary on Nat Turner and Suzie told me not to express my feelings on him so I will refrain lol]]. After we left there we went to the crib with Suzie and Big Mama and sat there talking and laughing til almost midnight before Suzie got some sense and went home. The rest of us ate and went to sleep. Mommy came to pick us up on Saturday evening and we did some running around and went to the mall for a while. Unfortunately, I got a phone call from Jessa saying that her and Ashley J. were coming over before they went to this party. They came around 9:30 and sat there and sat there and sat there. They didnt go no where. They sitting here talking about they leaving and the had to wait until 12:30 for Big Mama to come and get them and take them home. I was heated. I was supposed to be in the bed at 11 but instead I was sitting up with them for no reason bored and ready to go to sleep. Sunday morning came too soon and I was secretly pissed cause Suzie told us to be ready at 7:15. I was in the door a minute early and she didnt get there til quarter to eight. Then when we got there these dag on dancers wasnt even in the back yet so I’m chillin like what is going on. We danced and messed up fourteen times. Kayla and AJB had me cracking up the whole time cause both of them are retards. Me and Shink sat in church geeking cause we was so sleepy, we had Kev*Out in there tripin hard lol. We ended up the sound room talked to Chante’ for way too long. After that we talked to Kev and Anthony and Larry outside and then went up the street to talk to Big Mama and eat. We messed up again at 11:00 service but we did way way better lol. After church we headed to Popeyes and then home to eat dinner. Then,¬†it was all she wrote. We was knocked out for life lol. We woke up, got dressed and went to the movies.¬†Ok, Roscoe Jenkins is the¬†funniest darn movie I have ever seen lol. We went to the besties¬†house and played cards and danced to some old jams and then went to sleep. Woke up around 10:30 monday and made breakfast, talked, played cards, slept, played cards, slept, played cards, myspaced, watched a movie, slept and played cards lol. I got home last night so ready for this week. We watch making the band and after that I was knocked out. I was refreshed when I woke up this morning and kinda excited about going to work. I am truely thanking God for this holiday because it really¬†helped me out a great deal.
I need someone to walk me to Sojourner Douglass¬†College so that I can turn in this application for admissions… lets see who is gonna¬†be nice to me today lol¬†

too good to be true

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In this life I have learned that when something seems too good to be true…usually it is. Yesterday I was reading AJB’s blog and it made me think about¬†a lot of stuff. How often do we become the hypocrites that we so quickly despise?? I was sitting in my room Sunday evening and my besties asked me a very serious question. She asked if I was worried about how things will turn out and I told her no. I told her that I wasnt worried about it but I lied. We all hide behind something. We all wear our facades and we all try to call others out for doing what we are guilty of. What is the point of waking up everyday just to call someone else out when we just as wrong as they are. How can we point out someone elses flaws when we fail to see our own. I think the problem with people today is that they clean their mirrors a¬† bit too much. YOUR REFLECTION IS NOT PURE!! Too many people walk around like their shit dont stink but yet their toilet is stopped up and over flowing. I have a problem with people who think that they are too good to be true. I have a problem with fake people but more than that I have a problem with people that are so quick to point out someone elses wrongs. Life is nothing but a game of hide and seek and until we stop hiding behind ourselves and stop seeking out the lies that we have mistaken for truths nothing in this world will ever be ‘that good’. But, this is the life that we live and this is what people have conformed to, so what makes me think that things will change??