a lot on my mind

Posted in broke as a joke, car by Tanae' A. on October 9, 2009

been in a fairly good mood lately despite the craziness. suppose ii should start with the not so good things first nd then go from there::

first not so good thing:: since ii have been working NON STOP for the past FOUR WEEKS ii have slipped majorly in the health area of my life. now ii must try nd play catch up which means that ill be having doctors appts like every other day for no reason at all. nd you all know how much ii despise doctors.

second not so good thing:: ii lost someone very very special to me on yesterday. no he didnt die, but he’s dead to me. havent cried or shed any tears. not even upset or angry bout it. just rolling with the punches nd hoping that GoD would have mercy on him nd grant him favor. thats the only thing ii can ask for right now.

third not so good thing:: IM BROKE!!!

first great thing:: ii just brought a car!! hence the reason for the third not so good thing .lol. well actually broke to me means that ii dont have money to go out shopping for new sneakers every week. now ii wish ii woulda got those shoes three weeks ago instead of waiting. ugh. lol. but yess ii have a new baby without a name. 2oo9 toyota corolla nd SEXY if ii might say so myself.

second great thing:: dont keep ya fingers crossed on this one because my unit usually does things on their own time .BUT. ya girl was selected to go to Culinary Institute of America in January. yess, this is one of the BEST culinary schools that there is nd im soo excited to go. knowing my command ii wont go til this time next yr but .whatever. whenever they say go ill go .lol.

third great thing:: GoD is going a SERIOUS workk in me. this was truly going to go under the not so good things because to be honest… ii dont like this process at all. of course its a good thing but its one of the most uncomfortable things that ive had to go thru in a long time. ND IT DOESNT STOP!!! but im continuing to be submissive nd allow HiM to do whatever He needs to do in me so that He might workk thru me. even in my stubborn fits nd hard.headed ways im still standing firm nd TRYING to do everything that ii can to stay fokused nd on this straight nd narrow path… yall pray for me.

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