the funny emergency

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so…ii like finally have time to actually sit down in front of a computer so im like happy go lucky. ii have been waiting to write a post about this for a few days now and really did not feel like using my phone to do is so now you all can enjoy the funniness with me. as you all know, my sister graduated boot camp two weeks after me. ii dreaded taking the long trip back to the Island but ii promised my senior drill instructor that ii would go so me, mommy, bestie and uncle hopped in the truck for the ten hour drive back to Parris Island. the drive there was cool. we were all on chills. by the time we got there ii began to dread the L O N G trip back but ii made it my business to enjoy my second visit to the island. the weather was dead nice so the entire two days went smoothly. after MY graduation ii had the priviledge of going to Golden Corale where the Marines eat free and ii was like so super excited about that. by me being the wonderful, concerned, hearty sister that ii am ii suggested that we all go back after her ceremony but everyone was so anxious to get back on the road so my idea was flushed down the drain. [[now one may think that Golden Corale has nothing at all to do with an emergency since we did not go but this my friends is the most crucial piece of information in this story. so keep in the membrane that we DID NOT go to Golden Corale to eat dinner after ii suggested it about one hundred times]] although ii was hungry ii decided not to put up a fight because, after all, this was Shays day and not mine so we were going to go along with whatever she wanted to do. ii put a smile on my face and got ready for the ride home. ii figured since ii couldnt eat right then ii would snack on some chips in the process. we get on the road and we are about a good fifteen minutes from the Island. all of a sudden ii get this pain in my back and in my chest. ii couldnt breathe or nothing. please.pull.over.right.now. about ten minutes later im on the side of the road laying on a blanket cause it hurts to much to stand up, no shoes on cause we are about to ride for ten hours and just looking jacked up. mommy and uncle are scared shitless and the only thing they know how to do is call 9-1-1. yall, ii thought ii was going to die that day. we get in the ambulance and by the time we get to the hospital the pain has subsided a little bit but they still want to run tests or whatever. so we get there and they check everything and give me this medication to take. about twenty minutes after we get to the hospital we are discharged and my diag-nonsense is acid reflex. lol. they gave me some medication to take when ii eat greasy foods and stuff but other than that ii would survive. NOW. although this story is quite funny…ii have a HUGE chip on my shoulder. yes. ii am holding a grudge. towards who, might you ask. MOMMY, UNCLE, SHAY && BESTIE. if we would have stopped at Golden Corale to get a full five course meal and then got on the road then ii would not have had to cure my hunger with utz sour cream and onion chips. if ii would not have had to eat chips then ii would not have had a sudden case of acid reflex. if ii had not had the sudden case of acid reflex we would not have had to hold off our drive home for an entire hour. BUT sense we ended up having an hour delay in our schedule anyway…we would have been better off just going to effin golden corale. does everyone see how that one little minor decision has negatively effected the rest of my life?? lol. but seriously…bet ya next time im hungry we’ll stop to eat. but thank Jesus that it was only acid reflex and thank Him even more that the rush to the hospital, the twenty minutes in the ER and the prescription that they shoved in my face all came up to zero dollars. uugghh. must love free medical and dental!!!

how i became a United States’ Marine Pt. 2

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Boot camp started out fun… Receiving was the best time ever and me && Dear stayed getting into trouble cause we was always doing something stupid. By the time friday started to get close I started getting nervous cause I knew damn well that I could not run a mile and a half. We got to pt that morning and it came time to do the crunches. After about five I was beat but I managed to push out 29 of them bad boys…yay me. hang time. 38 seconds…that aint bad. here we go with this run. im starting in the very front and as soon as I hear that horn I’m sprinting to the finish. Good start. Okay…slowing down. slowing. stopping. stopped. damn. two more laps to go. I dont think I can do this. Leatherwood came up behind me and encouraged me so I ran behind her another lap. last lap. no  more steam. gotta sprint this last one. naw…im walking. i finally finished and I looked at the time…14.17 hott damn ya girl was on a role. Phillips…you needed at least 30 crunches to pass you can do them again. huh?? ma’am…all due respect but I just ran a damn mile and a half, aint no way in hell Ima do more crunches. I gets down to do more and by the end of the day I was on my way to FRP…thats where the IST failures go. But right by my side was Shay. FRP was fun. we met a bunch of cool ass chicks and almost fought like every other day but I was focused on PT cause I had to pass the exit to start training. Two weeks later I was back into training and my Shink was not by my side.

The rest of boot camp was a breeze. we had some hard times here and there but for the  most part it was fun. I loved it ssoo much and made the most out of the situation. On Nov 26, 2008 I became a U.S. Marine. They gave me my EGA and I was happy as hell. On Dec 5 I graduated and brought my butt home. Two weeks later I would be back on Parris Island for my sisters graduation…was so not looking forward to that.

Is this the best thing I’ve ever done. hell yeah…next to getting saved. im happy. I got some sisters to last me a lifetime and Im excited about where the future is going to take me.

how I became a United States’ Marine Pt.1

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it all started out on one saturday ii was shopping for fatigue pants for youth day. we were in walmart and in comes my lil sisters homeboy jones-z. he introduced ourselves, asked what we were looking for then told me that he was a marine and he had some pants we could use. thank you kind sir, what are you doing with the rest of your night?? needless to say, by the end of the night ii had three pairs of cargos that we could use for sunday morning and ii knew that he was God sent. ii didnt know that he was THAT God sent. the next week we met back up so that ii could return his pants and then we started talking. that day ii found out that he was a recruiter but his job didnt interest me at all.

eventually, we became really cool. ii was at the office on days that ii had nothing better to do but suprisingly he NEVER tried to get me to join. one day ii was off work so me and my lil cuzzo sat at the office for a while and ii said that ii was going to join just to see what he would say. yup, he brushed me off. took cuzzo home and went back to look at more info. ii started reading the literature and all the interesting things that the Marine Corps. had to offer and ii got really interested. then, ii went over to the army office and the navy office and was turned off completely. that day ii made up in my mind that ii was going to be a Marine. ii went home, told Shay, and she said that she was going to join too. everyone gave us hell, most people didnt believe us but ii knew FOR ME that ii was going to go to Parris Island and that ii was going to be a MARINE.

the summer flew by and before ii knew it ii was leaving my job and planning going away parties. it was hard, leaving one place to move on to something bigger than my mind can even think to conceive. ii was leaving behind my family and close friends but ii knew ii had their support even tho most of them did not agree with the decision ii had decided to make. they were going to stand behind me regardless.

the next day, because im lucky, my mom, cousin, and the best recruiter EVER came to see us swear in and board the bus for parris island. me shay and two gurls that we met there amd grew reallyh close with sat on the bus for ten hours waiting anxiously to arrive. when we finally got there, we clapped and cheered and had a great time because we were finally there. ii dont think we knew what we were getting ourselves into but ii knew that no matter what was ahead ii was going to get through it. boot camp had finally began.