i’ll be ready

Posted in issues, life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 20, 2008
right now in my life, im all about two things… making money and having fun. that’s it, plain and simple. everything else is on the back burner. if it dont fit into those two categories than im not feeling it at all. im twenty years old and really, ii wanna do me. perhaps thats why im so annoyed right now. in a few weeks ima be on top of my game fareal…doing what ii gotta do to get to where ii need to be. ii aint focusing on the petty shit fa’real. ii aint tryna deal with nobody bugging non-stop bout no stupid stuff. for all that ii can go my own way since thats what people waiting for anyway. people keep thinking that ii cant do this crap on my own but when the shit hits the fan they all gonna be amazed tryna figure out how ii stayed on top. im waiting patiently, cause ii know its only a matter of time before things get hectic and when that happens ii refuse to fall flat on my ass so im taking the necessary steps now so that when things get crazy ii can just pick up the pieces and move on…ii just dont have time for people to be interrupting my money or my fun, ya digg?? im doing what ii gots to do.NOW!!