pay close attention…

Posted in church, family, friends, life, love, people I love, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on April 28, 2008
this weekend ii learned three valuable lessons about dudes.
first, is that sometimes the good really does erase all the bad. there’s this guy that ii met a lil while ago and he is just the sweetest person ever. ii gues ii was being kinda shallow because ii was so wrapped up in something so small. now, im not too sure what exactly he has been thru, been too scared to ask but he has what looks like a burn on his face. its not grotesque, just a light spot. ii haven’t really seen too much of him because ii was focusing on that one minor thing but ii happened to run into him at the bank on saturday morning. ii saw him and at first ii wasnt going to speak but ii did and at the end of the day ii realized that if thats the only issue ii have im doing pretty good for myself. he’s a cool dude and ii could see me and him being friends.
second, the ones you think is cool are the ones you gotta watch. ok, there’s this guy ii talked to a lil while ago. his name is Avery. and when ii first met Avery ii thought he was nice. good church going boy, loved God, played drums there, good job, okay looking and pretty cool. we talked for a lil bit and then eventually ii stopped talking to him. dont ask me why, it was just something about him that ii didnt want to be associated with. although we didnt really talk or whatever ii would hit him up on aim every once in a while just to say hey and see how he was doing. friday night, it all fell to pieces. he was on aim and this time he sent me the message TELLING me that he was going to come to my house to see me. hold up. what?? uumm, first off, you dont TELL me that you are coming to see me, you ask. second, even if you did ask the answer would still be no. so he asked me why ii didnt want him to come see me and ii said very politely that we are friends…distant friends… and that means you will NOT be poppin up at my house under any circumstances. yall, when ii say this dude went off ii mean he went OFF. starts calling me every kinda hoe in america. cussing me out acting extra young and just flat out disrespecting me. off course ii was pissed but ii just politely signed out of mym s/n and said nothing else to him. he just happens to be the cousin of a chick ii went to school with and she hit my phone up saturday telling me that he was engaged to be married and all he was trying to do was hit… and im the hoe?? yeah ok. he was fake and that was another lesson learned. glad ii followed my instincts on that one and decided not to talk to him.
third, good friends are always good friends. everyone knows about TKM and ALL our drama lol. well, ii guess at the end of the day he is the only constant male in my life. yeah, we fight, we argue, half the time we cant stand one another but when push comes to shove we got a friendship that doesnt get a price tag. thats my dude and since day one, three years ago, he been down thru all the bullshit, sweat tears and everything else so at the end of the day ii got so much love and respect for that dude just because he is there thru all my craziness. and just like he said the other day, we gonna be friends for a long time to come…as long as he dont get on my nerves too bad lol.


in addition to those three valuable lessons ii also learned a whole lot on yesterday::
first lesson: poles run into cars named Bobby Jack!! lmao, ii refuse to go into detail but it has to be stated for the record that the one pole on the far side of the parking lot likes to abuse vehicles so stay far far away from that thing lol.
second lesson:: the ties that bind are stronger than those that can tear us apart. after the detrimental [[really not as serious as ii made it]] fight with the pole, ii went to the besties house. the plan was to go to breakfast before church and so Chelley got dressed to go. mind you, this entire time ii was talking to muh main goonie who was literally, right up the street 6 doors down. did ii ask her if she wanted to eat?? nope. why?? BECAUSE A FRICKIN POLE JUST HIT ME, IM PARANOID AND BOBBY JACK DOES NOT LIKE PEOPLE!!! but, of course Shay decides to text her AFTER WE GET TO THE DINER to tell her that we are eating and then she gets mad wondering why we didnt ask her to go. so of course, everyone blames me. so wrong. ii think she’s over it now cause ii told her we could cooko next saturday and ii would cut up her pancakes lol. that made her love me all over again… haha.
third lesson::  its never too late for change. of course we were late for church and we can blame it all on Laverne [[the besties mother]]. she decided to go to church with us [[praise Jesus]] but it took her eight years to put some clothes on. we sat there, as a family, me, Shay, mommy, Jazzie, Chelley, Brandy, Liz, Laverne, Dre, and Vicky. by the time we left Laverne already said she was coming back next sunday and she would be at the mother daughter tea. it made me think, all of us have been thru hell and high water but yet we were there all at once praising God just for what He is already doing… ii guess some people and things do change…one day at a time.
fourth and final lesson:: Laverne is the BIGGEST trash talker in the history of spades!! we sat down around 8:30 to play a hand of spades. ii promise we only lost because Laverne talked to much crap and it made Jazzie irritated. she couldn’t concentrate on her cards, couldnt think straight or nothing. ii thought it was funny but we are supposed to be having a rematch tonight. ii think ii need to take a rain check cause ii am taking my azz home after dance practice. sistah gurl is tired. we gonna get Jazzie some ear plugs so we can hurry up and womp on these chumps lmao.