Remembering V. Tech

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Remembering the 32 of Virginia Tech

{{Forever we are all Hokies}}

a sweet lil old lady

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When I was really little my NanaBoo used to always take me and my sisters to see Ms. Price. She was a sweet lil old lady and according to my grandmother she helped to take care of us when we were babies. Of course, I have no recollection of that but if Nana said we going to see Ms. Price then thats where we were going. I remember being eight or nine hopping in Nana car to ride up in Dundalk. We would sit in her living room for about fifteen minutes and just talk and laugh and to this day the only thing different about her house is the extra pillows on her couch. Yesterday I thought about Ms. Price. What used to be a once a month visit has easily turned into a once a year visit and for some reason I want to go see her. As far as I know she hasn’t really done anything that great for me, hasn’t impacted me in any kind of way but yet there is something comforting about going to this lady’s house and sitting with her for a few minutes. There is something nice about the way she prays in that lil old raspy voice. There’s security in them tight hugs that she manages to push out of her and I really miss her. So one day in the very near future im gonna go scoop up NanaBoo and we all are gonna go and see Ms. Price. It’s funny how when you are young you have no desire to even spend time with older people but the more you mature the more you find yourself wanting to be in the company of the elders…there’s a lot to learn from them really even if it is just simply how to talk to God…


Thank you Ms. Price for the role you have played in my life
You are a sweet lil old lady and ii lovezz you