here’s some kleenex…dry your eyes

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Fam….Tanae’ A. is going to see her future baby daddy on April 17, 2008…. Yes, this coming thursday ii will be in the place and ii owe a special thanks to my dearest and most favoritest uncle in the whole wide world!!! G~Man is alright with me… and thank you Jesus for putting a ram in the bush cause you know that my heart was slowly breaking piece by piece. God is faithful even when I aint….thats something to think about.
If everything goes smoothly as planned I will have my baby on friday….YaY!!

someone cry with me….please, jus shed a tear on my behalf

ok, so everyone knows that Katt Williams is coming to town next week. and everyone knows that ii purchased the tickets the FIRST day that they went on sale because ii could not possibly risk them being sold out. ii have been waiting for this for over a month now. doing a count down in my head. but then, someone mentioned a car…and you know all those funds so necessary for tags and insurance?? well, they kinda slapped me in the face and now im a lil on the broke side. so in order to get the well waited for vehicle to be in front of my house ii have to make sacrifices. yes, ii am giving up on my future baby daddy and selling my ticket to mommy and inside ii am dying but ii know that it will all be so worth it when ii am able to get behind the wheel of MY car on this coming FRIDAY!!! [[a moment of silence for the show that ii am going to miss…]] you know what, im gonna be ok, im gonna make it thru this grieving process and me and my future baby daddy are gonna have to meet up at a block buster somewhere at a later date… matter fact…my car now has a new name… Katt Jr…. no kidding….thats the vehicle name. and ii do understand if your heart is a lil sore from the unexpected change of plans… ii know how much you all wanted me to go and see my mans…
to all you N.O.R readers, Tae’ is back in full effect. poem is posted and we keeping up with the flow. leave me some comments too, ii wanna know what yall think

and let us REST upon this FINANCIAL BLESSING that we expect of course lol

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“turn your pill-O into a pill-R”
well amen Bishop lol


mommy~ oh, she cant count
me~ she gave you extra change??
mommy~ yeah [[while putting money in purse]]
me~ so you not gonna give it back??
mommy~ no, ima put it in church
me~ you are outta order
mommy~ why?? thats like playing lottery and giving offering
me~ no, thats like robbing a bank and tithing with that money. God, dont want that money, He is not pleased
mommy~ [[gets the change to give the extra back but checks receipt first]] oh look, its right…see God, ii was willing…now ii really expect a blessing