why I absolutely positively HATE mta

These are just the lil funny things that irritate me about MTA…go ahead and laugh your socks off please.

  • why do they make bus schedules?? ii mean, really. the daggone bus never comes on time. what time is the bus coming today?? WHENEVER THE HELL IT FEELS LIKE IT!!
  • today on the bus, there were 53 empty seats. im on the back row with two other people and then the unthinkable happens. this fat ass horse eating pyroplactic lady comes and squeezes in between me and this woman lmao. WHY?? why did Jumanji’s big ass half sister have to come and act like she could truly fit in between us….
  • i swear to beans, white working women over the age of 40 will not sit next to a black person. ii promise you, they will stand until they reach the mother land before they seat next to my black white cheddar popcorn eating ass lolzz… i wont bite you darling lolzz.
  • then the smart doofs at mta want to put high risk people in the drivers’ seat. what do ii mean high risk?? A HIGH RISK FOR GETTING YA AZZ BEAT lolzz!! seriously tho. you put some scrawny lil bald headed man in the drivers seat and he think he king tut or somebody. running his mouth, talking smack and all that other good stuff like he cant get popped lolzz. please tell these people when they get hired that kids these days will pop a grown ass man lolzz… DuH!!
  • for some odd reason bus drivers today want to ignore the little bell that means that there’s a stop requested. but why tho?? theres a string…i pull it, you stop. its not hard to figure out. so why the hell you wanna be riding past people’s stops and then acting like they aint request the stop… so unnecessary. [[nine times out of ten its the scrawny ass bald headed black man talking smack that refuses to stop at the proper places, maybe he’s too busy watching his back to make sure he dont get popped in the back of the big shiny head of his lolzz]]
  • then, why is it always that one loud azz ignent black lady in the back of the bus cussing up a storm telling her whole life story, beating up her kids, cussing out her baby father on the phone, or just being rude for no damn reason?? usually this lady is thirty pounds over weight and says the words “my big azz” and “what the hell” at least fifteen times before she finally gets off the damn bus. and as soon as she gets off, all the old white people exhale and thank the good lord lolzz.
  • when you ride the bus every damn day you realize eventually that foreign people are funny lol. [[by foreign i mean not black or white DuH]] no seriously. they dont talk, all they know how to say is excuse me. they use hand motions, pointing to the door to let everyone in their path know that they getting off. and they are scared shitless of crackheads lolzz. really. they will remain at a ten foot distance of anybody that even look for two seconds like they nodding off. oh, and they find cell phones amazing because they failed to get an upgrade…talking on them big chungaman phones that was out like 15 years ago… “can ya hear me now?? good”

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