[[Who is this chick??]]


my name is Tanae’
most folks call me
Tae’, Tin, Tink, Nunk, Noosky
NaeNae, or TaeNae’
whatever floats ur fannie

all the things i HATE can’t stand::

  1. James Harrison Wells II

  2. dummies

  3. shiesty chicks

  4. drama

  5. loud noises

  6. scary movies

  7. liars

  8. hypocrites

  9. fat free popcorn

  10. whole milk

  11. pencils

  12. diets

  13. chalk boards

  14. spicy food [anything w/ pepper]

  15. show offs

  16. Ashley Stokes [[shiesty chick]]

  17. stupid teachers

  18. bugs or anything that crawls

  19. cats

  20. thursdays

  21. watching sports alone

  22. talking on phones

  23. MTA

  24. winter

  25. 99% of the ppl i meet

things that I absolutely L~O~V~E::

  1. food

  2. sleep

  3. mistic mango mania

  4. poetry

  5. reading

  6. straight legs

  7. tank tops

  8. starbucks

  9. drinking with my gurlies

  10. my Dilly

  11. family and friends

  12. churching

  13. pizza parties

  14. puppies

  15. pixie stix && nerds

  16. muh car a.k.a Bobby Jack

  17. cereal w/ 2% milk

  18. butter lovers popcorn [act II please]

  19. music of any kind

  20. stupid jokes

  21. the original lion king

  22. high school musical

  23. friday nights

  24. sunday mornings

  25. limosines

  26. dresses

  27. polka dots

  28. spam

  29. easter

  30. appr. 1% of the ppl i meet lol

i am 20 years old …. i dont like money …. i [love] country music …. && i love [[gospel]] …. i adore my {{besties}} …. my Dilly is like 50% of my life …. i have the bestest NanaBoo in the ~world~ …. i love eggs sooo much …. most people dont like me …. most people act like they like me …. i laugh at most of those people …. a lot of people use me …. none of those people are in my family …. i can be rude most of the time …. i dont like to lie so i have fallen in love with the saying truth hurts …. i attend the best church in America …. i am addicted to starbucks …. and white cheddar popcorn …. i am a movie F A N A T I C …. i read books like they’re going out of style …. i am a very jealous person …. most times i dont show my jealousy cause that brings weakness …. i get what i want and sometimes i have to manipulate in order to do it …. i feed off guys that want me && do what it takes to keep them interested …. these guys dont have a shot in hell of actually being with me … i pray that none of them are reading this right now lol …. my heart {was} reserved for my honey …. now i am truely a free agent …. i heart my LeyLey …. i hurt a lot of people on a daily basis …. some of those people i hurt intentionally …. i love my job …. i hate mornings …. and i also hate winter …. i think i hate winter more than i hate mornings …. i hate watermelon …. i cant swim …. i [[love]] myspace and facebook …. i L O V E reading ppls blogs …. i absolutely love {{texting}} …. i hate not being able to buy food … food is my life … i heart NEW YORK!! … but i am pissed that she chose Tango and then Tailor Made …. i absolutely love the Teletubbies and i dont care that they are wack … i heart pastries [the shoes] … i heart hearts … i wish the old rugrats was back on tv …. i hate Dora …. i love side walk chalk …. jumping on trampolines are fun …. FLAVOR FLAV!!! …. i love to do stupid things …. i like to read the Bible but I would put millions of books b4 it …. if someone made the Bible into a soap opera everyone would watch it …. i am afraid of birds …. i am having fun typing all these things about me …. i could be doing anything else with my time …. i just read three books in two days … i have had 4 phones in the past year …. i have registered for college classes 7 times since high school and i have not completed a semester yet …. i love english classes … i go to the best church EVER …. i want to be a social worker … i want to have kids … one day I wanna be able to shop in the plus size section of any store … i think big is beautiful if you wear it right …. i think [[PCIF]] is super flyy …. i wanna have two kids … i want to name my daughter Kyndal N’Ijay or Ah’Naya Ijay …. I want my son to be named after his father …. I wanna adopt a baby girl in eight years …. i want to move near a cold stone and a mall …. if I had enough money I would rent out 6 flags for a day so that I wouldn’t have to deal with people or long lines …. i have more than 2 sisters and brothers but I dont know any of them …. sometimes I really dont like my best friend …. i dont like honkey dorey ppl …. most people dont know what honkey dorey is …. i love shopping at payless … i am the queen of C H E A P …. if its not on sale I wont buy it unless its a necessity …. i heart CinnaBon …. i bite my nails …. black is the best color to wear …. i dont eat sweets too often …. pastel colors are dumb …. wordpress is the shiznit …. my readers are too …. i appreciate the small stuff …. i hate flowers …. and chocolate … i lose jewelry all the time …. i love big teddy bears …. and cream of crab soup … i love me ….



2 Responses

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  1. lwayswright said, on June 11, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    You are an amazingly honest person. There aren’t very many people who would write both positive and negative about themselves and feel comfortable with it. There are a lot of things about you that are like me except for the fact that you are really young and I am older then dirt! LOL. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your stuff!

  2. Angie said, on August 14, 2008 at 9:27 am

    You’re also sweet.

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