preparing to leave

its funny because no matter how much a place irritates me and im so ready to leave… ii hate packing up my things and leaving. in two days ill be leaving bmore and going NC and im ssoo excited. this is a new experience and a chance to do something new so im really happy about leaving. but ii really wish that someone…anyone…would come to my house, fold up all my clothes, put them in my suitcase, and carry my luggage to the car. ill take things from there but please please please get me prepared to leave because ii dont feel like it. packing is like the worst thing in the world because im trying to put as much of my life as ii can into some daggone suitcases and its really not going to work because ii have SSOO MUCH STUFF and so then my mother is going to have to mail me everything that ii leave behind and that is just too much to be doing. uugghh… ii feel the migraine already. the good thing is that by the time ii really really get a chance to come home for a minute that certain someone will be long gone away from baltimore and hopefully in hawaii somewhere that he cant visit. until that happens every time before than will be a simple hi and bye type deal…a weekend or two day get.away.

oh… and being home for these ((too many days)) has helped me to realize what ii already know and that is that some people have titles and clearly do not deserve them at all. but at the end of the day its all gravy because im going to far away from here and even when ii do get out ii dont plan on coming back here at all. baltimore is no longer home to me.

and with that said im outtie… ill probably talk to you all when ii get to where im going but the next two days are going to be a big cluster.


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