Rest In Peace

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in four days we will get together to celebrate the birthday of Brielle C. Newland. unfortunately this angel will not be here to celebrate with us but we all know that she is in our hearts forever. and ii know that she would want Rye enjoy their birthdays just like they would if she was here. Happy Birthday Bre. You are loved and missed beyond belief.










Tawana:: ii was looking at the pic of you that Brandy had and ii couldnt help but laugh. ii remembered one of the last days we spent together was at the birthday cookout and ii had on my shades… you tried so hard to pull my card in front of mommy. ii threatened you so many times that night but ii would give anything to go back to that day. ill never forget that last night before you went home and you was just talking about life and Sherry on the way to the lion. ii never thought that would be our last night together but ii know that everything happens for a reason and ii know that ii will always remember that weekend. you were the best and ii miss ya crazy self. ii promise, every time ii sit at that computer ii think about you struggling tryin to put it together lmao. love those memories. love you. Rest In Peace, we’re gonna make this a good summer.
Cornie and Bishop:: thank you so much for being with us on sunday. we had so much fun and everything turned out wonderfully. ii know you guys played a part in that. ii know yall are watching over me so yall know everything that is going on down here. just help me to keep praying because im not really sure whats gonna come next and every time ii think about it ii think about the promise ii made you guys. ii kinda know that it wasnt just abouto the choir. love you guys to death and ii wish you were here but ii know that you are in a better place. you guys are the best ever.


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Three years ago, my Aunt Debbie passed away. Her death was hard to deal with but what was even harder was seeing my lil cousins hurt. One thing that I told them was to hold on to memories that they could see and the one thing that one of them held onto was a picture. The picture was symbolic to him because it wasn’t just a pic of his mom but in the pic she was with his new mom. He looked at her life as a blessing. She brought him to where he was and now he is even more blessed to have a wonderful mother and he always says that two moms are better than one. I smile everytime I see that picture because I remember her and the wonderful person that she was but also I remember the  blessing that she gave to my lil cousins by giving them another family that could help them to grow into wonderful adults.
Two and a half years ago I was forced to say goodbye to my aunt Tee and that was super hard to deal with. There are two things that I carry with me to remember her. The first is a ring that is way to big for my finger but it was hers and so I value it so much and the second is worth way more to me than a gold ring and that is what we call a ‘tee’. One winter a long long time ago we were all cold and back in the day my grandmother didnt have the money to buy us all ear muffs. So Tee started sewing  these things that we could put around our heads to cover our ears. We wore those things faithfully and they were in like fifteen different colors. We named them after her because no one else could make anything like that for all of us lol. But thats one thing that I hold on to cause I know that she made those out of love and so I cherish that. It reminds me of the type of person that she is and the love that she had for us.
I think the hardest thing about death is not just losing a person but moreso losing what that person brought to life. I can easily hold onto memories and I know that even when people are gone their memories are still there.  One thing that I am so blessed with is technology. This past week I smiled in my spirit because altho Cornell is gone his memory lives on. One thing that I was so sad about is the fact that I would never get to hear his voice again but I was surprised on Friday morning when I heard his voice belting thru those speakers. I know that he’s not here anymore on Earth but just hearing that beautiful voice lets me know that he is somewhere singing his was around heaven. I was also very happy because Sunday he wasn’t there in person but he was there in spirit and I remembered him sitting at the piano where he usually sits… Sometimes all that we have to hold onto are memories whether they are tangible or just a memory to make us smile. But whatever the memory may be I thank God for giving us memories to allow us to carry on with each day. Because of those memories all the people that I have had to say goodbye to are still living on. Aunt Debbie is still there with her kids on New Years Eve dancing with us in Nana’s living room, Tee is still sewing tees and blankets that give us comfort in the cold, Tawana is still sitting on Portia’s couch laughing at my sun glasses, Brielle is still impacting lives thru everyday and helping people to grow, Ms. Sarah is still offering smiles and encouragement thru every day  and Cornell is still up there directing that choir and smiling that smile so bright.
{{Rest In Peace}}
[Debbie] [Tee] [Larry] [Brielle] [Tawana] [Ms. Sarah] [Mr. Brooks] [Cornell]

It’s been a month already

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It has been a month since the accident and I still cant even believe that this has happened. Never in my life have I met someone that has impacted so many lives. Never have I seen someone so young and vibrant leave a positive mark on so many people. Brielle was such a wonderful person and I feel so blessed to have even known her. When I think about her and her life I cant help but to smile. I can no longer be sad because I know that she lived a wonderful 19 years on this earth. She touched so many people and I cant even begin to count the people that will forever carry on her legacy. I know that she is watching over everyone. Those closest to her can rest in the fact that she is now somewhere in the heavens blessing the angels with her awesome spirit. Even tho it’s still hard to believe, and even tho it still sometimes saddens me, I know that she is finally where she belongs and she is happy and she is free… She was a beautiful person, her memory lives on forever and she is truely missed by so many people.

RIP Brielle, I know that angels like you are truely meant to fly!!