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Yesterday night I was really having a moment and it probably is not that serious to any of you but it is important to me so I’m sharing it…
As you all know I broke my phone on Saturday and the past three days have been spent filling out paper work and talking to people about getting a replacement. It was a stressful process but when I finally got to the end I was relieved. For some reason I thought that they were going to bill me for the replacement phone instead of requesting in on the spot so I was kinda upset when they asked for it last night. When I realized that I didn’t have it I got really upset because I didn’t have anyone that could spot me the money. It kinda pissed me off because when anyone needs money I’m the one that they come to. I give and give but it sucks that when I need something I have no one to turn to. I know that if I wouldn’t be there for so many people I would have had the money in my account when I needed it. But since I didn’t have it I attempted to call my “best friend” because I knew that she had money stashed away. Now, like I just said, I am always the one to give people money. If someone asks me for something and I have it I will not think twice about giving it to them expecially when I know that they are going to pay me back… check out how this conversation went…

Me –> “Hey, you got some money I can borrow til I get paid??”

Her –> “Not really but I can get it out the bank for you. How much you need??”

Me –> “a hundred…”

Her –> “for your phone?”

Me –> “yeah…”

Her –> “Oh hell no!!”

Me –> “~dial tone~”

Why did I hang up?? And why have I been ignoring her calls all morning long?? Because I’m pissed… If ever in ten million years she ever asked me for some money for ANYTHING regardless of what it is I would give it to her and wouldn’t even ask for it back but here I am askin her for some money to BORROW that I was going to pay back WITH INTEREST and she tells me know because she thinks its stupid. I never really thought that I would ever have her deny me something that I wanted that she had. So last night I was really mad. Not just at her but at the fact that when I need something no one is there to call on except my mother. One thing that I’m beginning to realize in this life is that my mother is my best friend. So, mommy gave me the money and I’ll have my phone by tomorrow but that doesn’t change how I feel. I dont need friends that are just there for certain things. I want a friend thats there for everything and my mom is the only one that is there on every level. I love my friends to death but I guess now I know that there are boundaries to everything but that sucks when I dont put restrictions in my friendship.
So today I am so thru with people who are so called friends… I just need a break from it all and I’m spending more time with mommy dearest whome I love so very very much.

i need an upgrade…

Posted in phone, winter by Tanae' A. on January 17, 2008
…so a few months back i decided to join the t-mobile team because I was so tired of all the other booty phone companies. I signed up, paid the price and got this lil rinky dink phone to go along with it. dont get me wrong… i like t-mobile but this phone is killing me. I have decided, it is time for an upgrade. One problem… I am technically not allowed to upgrade until i have been with them for a year but who wants to wait that long?? Usually my brother in law will hook me up with a phone for cheap but he dont even have any right now. So the next best thing would be to go to the t-mobile store tomorrow after work to go and change my plan. There’s always a way around a rule and I have found it so prayerfully, by the time the weekend is over I will have a sidekick, bluetooth, or wing to show off. And if I dont get a wool upgrade than i guess… i’ll slap myself in the face lol.
I was going to go out today to get my wonderful phone but as you all can see it is snowing. and as most of you know, I HATE SNOW… but I am not going to complain, instead i am going to pray that the bus comes on time so that I dont have to stand for too long. Please Jesus Please!!!!