a Queen she was

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They say the good die young. I guess thats true but at 29 I suppose it was her time to go because GOD doesnt make mistakes. She was B-More’s club queen, 92Q’s baby gurl, this city’s example. She was more than just a club queen…she was a role model. She broke barriers that NO OTHER FEMALE was able to break. She had a heart for children and the Q-munity as a whole. Khia Edgerton aka K-Swift will NEVER be forgotten because her mixes will live on forever. Her memory will live on. Her influence will live on.
My prayers go out to her family as well as the Q family. B-More is hurting right now but we gotta celebrate her life. We gotta celebrate the person that she was. She was the reason for so many of our late night dance off’s in the middle of the street. She was the reason for our battle wins between club and gogo back in them dorm rooms lol. She was a true queen and her memory lives on.
Rest In Peace K-Swift… Baltimore’s one and only CLUB QUEEN

it aint over

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ii have never been a  huge fan of Maurette Brown Clark. there have only been a few songs of hers that ii actually like. even when AP started doing work with her, ii wasnt a big fan. perhaps thats why ii didnt take any interest in her newest cd, which ii just realized is rather old lol. ii dont listen to her music at all and usually when ii hear her voice on my radio ii turn the station. sorry, just not digging her style like that. but, sunday ii was sitting in my room thinking and ii just got this tune in my head. so i starts singing this song and ii know ii heard it before somewhere but ii dont know who sings it. after while, ii became frustrated with looking on the internet just to find who sings it and ii finally just went to the radio website. there it was…Maurette Brown Clark – It Aint Over. huh?? she sings this song?? i never woulda guessed. so im looking at the info and ii see that AJB wrote it so at this point ii wanna call him up and thank him personally for writing something that has just completely blown me away. ii have probably worn out my speakers from listening to that song so dag on much, it just speaks to my spirit in such a way that ii cant even explain. now, ii am def. going to buy this cd, which really should be about 9.99 since its so old lol… but ii really am going to spend however much it costs just to get this album and put that track on repeat…

a HOLY matrix, um matrimony…nope, just easter lol

it is only wednesday and ii am already crackin up over this weeks events. easter sunday is going to be hilarious. first off, ii know somebody is going to put their daughter in some white frilly dress with sling back white sandals and hair ribbons. and that same somebody is going to put that same daughter in some ugly thin shawl that is supposed to protect her from the tiny gusts of wind that come thru on easter morning. to that mother who is planning to torture that daughter, warning:: IT IS GOING TO BE FORTY SIX DEGREES ON EASTER!!! just thought she might want to know that before she sets herself up for failure. please put your children in COATS!!
and you would not believe that after two hours of sitting for two hours on monday trying to find a song to dance to, we picked some song that is ridic. seriously tho, this song got some wack beat in it so we was practicing and ii rocked off with this holy matrix move mixed with a tick and ii promised mo that i would do that on sunday morning. lmao. this is going to be funny but like India Arie said:: a promise is a promise haha.
ii am also deciding to renew my vows on easter sunday. somewhere along the line ii drew a line in the relationship that ii have created with Jesus. so that line will be erased somewhere around the spot where 5:45 slowly turns into 6am… translation, ii will be in church bright and early on sunday morning for sunrise service and ii know that there better be a mixed crowd on that parking lot when ii get there.
ii am showing up but ii will be dippin out to get a nap in before sunday school. ii am praying that someone brings in our early dismissal forms lmao. matter fact, im getting my own leave slips just in case she forgets. this should be funny, hey, we’re just being OBEDIENT…DuH.
and um, please Jesus allow a certain someone to get her hair did before she get up to dance on sunday morning because we all know that you dont want to rise and see that mess cause ii surely dont. we want to leave this Easter holy because we understand and appreciate the sacrifice that you made just you and I both know that someone should sacrifice a few dollars to get that weave done. Amen Jesus.


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This coming friday the youth and young adult choir will come together to have a rehearsal. We now have a new musician and while I am excited about something new I am also a bit skeptical about this. The last time Y&YA sung we had Cornell there with us. I’m doing this for him. I remember so many days we would come out and it would only be four or five of us at best and he would always tell us to keep coming. He always said that it would get better. He was that drive we needed to keep going some days. Even tho he’s not here in person I feel like he is the drive that still keeps me going. I can picture him now with that grin as he raises that one eyebrow and says “baby girl, you gotta keep doin what you doing” and then that crazy Askew Williams would always co-sign with him “thats right keep on coming,  just keep on coming” lolzz… It wont be the same without Cornell but I know that his spirit lives on and because I know that he believed in us i’m going to go in there knowing that we can do and be something better than anyone ever imagined. It may start with a few but I’m believing that we will be fruitful and multiply.
Cornell~ I miss you so much and I love you. Things aint the same without you but I keep you in my heart and I thank you for everything that you  have done. I am a better person because I was impacted by you and I know that you are looking out for me, for us. Strengthen the Bishop so he can come back and play for us real soon. Rest In Peace.
Bishop, My Bishop~ You know I loves you and I hope that you get better real soon cause I miss seeing your smiling face.  Jus take your time and get well because we need you. See you soon and until then you are in my prayers.
Tanae’ A.

another monday post

It’s Monday!!! and yet again I am telling you all about my weekend. Three days spent doing nothing too important. Time spent with my besties. Hours that went by way to fast. So what did I do this weekend??

Well Friday was a very interesting day. Me, Jaz, Shay, Bry, and Smurph all got together to eat some crabs on Jaz’s back porch and Jess even came down for a while. We laughed and geeked and played cards and monopoly and did absolutely nothing til about 4:30 in the morning. I think we had about 40 conversations about nothing in particular and had about 75 debates that got no where but it was fun. By 5:00 Jess and Smurph were gone and everybody else turned over to go to sleep.

We all woke up around 9:30 and went to McDonalds to get some food. We spent about 6 hours taking out Chelly’s hair and listening to music and then we finally decided to get some more crabs around 5:oo. We played more monopoly [i won!!] and around 10 we all went to our homes to prepare for church on Sunday morning.

Church was good. India and the baby came along. Brandy and Karen even showed up which was good. After service Jaz went to work and we went to Olive Garden with Mommy, India and Lil Eric. The food was good but none of could eat it all. We went  home and took naps then me and Shay got up to watch my new favorite tv show… Side Order of Life..on Lifetime.

I woke up late and extremely tired this morning. I rushed out of the house and enjoyed a very long ride to work. I got to work on time and right now I am freezing cold cause this air is blazing. I will save tons of money today because I didn’t eat breakfast and I brought my own lunch from home…

Next Saturday is the Church Wide Picnic and I am so excited so I hope and pray that this week goes very smoothly. And I am really praying that I dont get caught in any of this weeks rain. I hope you all are praying as well. I just put color in my hair and I will be highly upset if it starts running!! LoL!! Please pray!!


Inspired by an Idol

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For a long time now, people here, there and everywhere have made it well known that I remind them of Fantasia Burrino. At first, I would tend to get a lil bit offended because I didn’t want to be like her, I wanted to be like me. But as time passed by, I guess I sorta began to get used to it. I really think that there are a few children in the world that dont even know my real name. I’m just “Fantasia”. I dont understand LoL. Ever since she got on American Idol I really liked her. I brought her cd when it first came out and I was really digging her music and style. Then, something happened. She came out with a song called ‘Hood Boy’ and I HATED IT!! I didn’t like the video, I didnt like her outfits, I didn’t like anything about that song at all. And because of that song, I refused to buy the album. Well, a few months ago I was sitting at work and someone let me listen to this album, I skipped over that one song, and the rest of the cd was great. I finally saw her Lifetime Movie and fell in love with it. And I am obsessed with her new video… When I See You.

Fantasia is a beautiful young lady. She is very soft spoken and humble. And even through every thing that she has endured she has made a positive name for herself in the music industry. She has been on Broadway. I just saw her on Oprah a lil bit ago singing her lil heart out. She is my inspiration. And the fact that her hair be on point dont hurt nothing either.

I am Fantasia Inspired…. LoL!!