is this really the end for Billary??

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AP: Clinton To Concede Delegate Race To Obama

Senator Returns To N.Y. To Make Major Announcement

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NEW YORK (CBS) ― Hillary Rodham Clinton will concede Tuesday night that Barack Obama has the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, campaign officials said, effectively ending her bid to be the nation’s first female president.

The former first lady will stop short of formally suspending or ending her race in her speech in New York City. She will pledge to continue to speak out on issues like health care. But for all intents and purposes, the two senior officials said, the campaign is over.

Most campaign staff will be let go and will be paid through June 15, said the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge her plans.

The Democratic presidential candidate has returned to New York City to speak at Baruch College on Tuesday night, where she is expected to give a farewell, yet not quite say her goodbyes.

This follows the final primaries in South Dakota and Montana and word that Sen. Barack Obama is expected to reap a super delegate harvest this week.

Sources told CBS News that most of the 17 uncommitted super delegates from the Senate are expected to endorse Obama shortly, along with at least a dozen House members.

In South Dakota on Monday, she was still acting like she was in it to win it. “We’re slightly behind in the delegates, but we’re going to make our case to all the delegates as to who would be the best president,” she said.

Perhaps the most telling sign of what’s to come tonight came from the candidate’s husband. “This may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind,” former President Clinton said. The Clinton campaign said later, however, that he was talking about the primaries only.

Sen. Obama said he spoke only briefly on the phone to Clinton Sunday night to congratulate her on her win in Puerto Rico and he said he emphasized to her what an extraordinary race she’d run.

“I told her once the dust settled, I was looking forward to meeting with her at a time and a place of her choosing. We still got two more contests to go and I am sure that there will be further conversations after Tuesday,” Obama said.

While Democrats are trying to end their nomination battle, tonight John McCain is kicking off his general election campaign with a prime time speech in New Orleans where he’s expected to say Obama’s theme of change is nothing compared to his history of reform.

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got me thinking

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Seems like a lot recently HebHeb has been trying to push me to do things. First it was the suggestion to learn more about politics and actually do something in the community in which I live. Then it was this Jena 6 thing that caught my attention, and he thought that maybe I should do something since there was nothing going on in Baltimore that neither of us had heard about. And now, I feel like I’m kinda getting nudged to do something in discipleship on next Wednesday. My question to myself has been, what the heck does this man see in me that would make him think that I have one activist bone in my body. First off, I dont even like being in charge of things so that is totally completely out of the question and even if I did I wouldn’t know the first thing to do or say or where to go.

I’ve just been thinking about that lately… why me??

Welp, I guess one day I’ll get to a point where I MAY consider spear-heading something but for now I’m cool chillin on the sidelines just chillin out.


lets do something to help free the Jena Six

yesterday, i was at work when my bestie called me with some information. she was tellin me about something that she had heard about 6 black teens getting charged with attempted murder for beating up a white boy after they were harrassed for weeks. i didn’t really understand what she was talking about because she had limited facts but i knew that this was something she wanted to do something. she told me that she wanted to contact HebHeb to see if there was anything that we could do.

well, since there wasn’t too much that i knew about this situation i looked it up online and when i read the story of what happened i wanted to do something as well. [in my own words] in a school in Jena LA, there were 2 black kids sitting under the ‘white’ tree on their campus and white students responded by hanging nooses on the tree. after quite a while of racial tension, and harrassment by white students, a few black kids beat up a lil white boy who was part of all nonsense that had been going on. Six boys got charged with second degree attempted murder. One of the kids already went to trial and was convicted, he will be sentenced with up to 22 years. Let it be known for the record, the lil white boy went to the hospital AND WAS RELEASED THAT SAME NIGHT.

this is ridiculous. there are six kids between the ages of 16 and 18 that are facing a ridiculous amount of years for something as simple as a school fight. i dont know what can be done but i do know that i want to do something to help these boys and their families to get past this craziness. there has to be something that we can do…

people i am proud of

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There are a lot of people right now that are really just doing their thing and I must put them out there and let them know how proud i am of them.

Here we go::

JazzyGurl:: My gurl Jaz was being home schooled for a year because she was going thru kemo and radiation but she is officially enrolled in school again and this year she will be GRADUATING!! I am so proud of her because she has really come a long way and she has big goals!!

KPC:: Yes yall, it’s my mommy. She is doing really good in this new business and she is well on her way to success… like she say…we bout to be BALLING!! LoL!! I smell the money mama!! The hard work will pay off… trust.

Phil:: My brother is coming back to Baltimore but this time I think he really has his head on straight. He is saving up money, trying to get a place and for once in my life I really see him trying to do something better with hisself. I’m hoping and praying that I’m not wrong about this one… but I got that gut feeling that this is going to work out for the best.

My HebHeb:: Well, aside from all the wonderful, fantastic things that this man does everyday I am absolutely proud of him because this past Sunday, he did his first baptism!! I was like so excited to see him up there.. so I cant even imagine how it must feel to be in his shoes.

Mrs. Brown:: I must say that it cannot be an easy task to stand beside such a great and wonderful man such as Heb. I def. have to send major kudos her way for that one… besides, she makes HebHeb mushy!! LoL!!

Shay:: My homegirl Shay is finally on her grind. She just started a really good job and her and her boo are trying to do big things… It’s been 7 years now, I’m still waiting on them wedding bells!! LoL!! But, she’s doing good and I am so proud of her for taking a stand on her own and really growing to be the woman that God is calling her to be.

MoMo:: The past month or so has been rough on my lil sis Morgan but I see growth in her that I wasn’t expecting to see this soon. She has her head on straight again and she is focused on the things that matter. A lot of people try to label her something that she is not and hopefully her actions will prove them wrong, but even if they dont, I am very proud of her and I know that she’s on her way to becoming a beautiful respectable talented young lady.

Last but certainly not least,

Angela Braden::  Yes, it’s correct. I am proud of Angie. She takes time out everyday to let people, strangers, peak into a part of her life that she could keep very private. Everyday that she posts something on her blog, she inspires someone somewhere and because of that I am proud of her. She lives a life that speaks wonders and she has not short handed herself by drowning in her sorrows. She has accepted the life that God has designed for her and lived it completely to the maz and I am completely inspired to do more just because everyday she gets up, gets dressed, goes to work, and actually LIVES and thats something I can say for a lot of people that do have their sight. Kudos to you, Angie.

All of these people have positively impacted my life in some kind of way but more than that, they impact other peoples lives every day. I love all of them dearly and I learn something from at least one of them everyday. So, to them I say, Continue on the path that you are going. You are destined for greatness.

Everyone has someone that pushes them to do more… and these are the few people in my life that make me want so much more out of my life… not just for me, but for the people that I can inspire a long the way.

Frustrated beyond belief

Last night, when I wwas supposed to be in the bed catching up on some much needed sleep, I was up chatting with someone that I haven’t spoken to in a very long time. Back in the day she was like a lil cousin to me and we was bout thick as thieves. She stayed over my house too many times and me and my sister would try to make sure she was doing the right thing. Eventually she moved and since then I have seen her at most about 4 times in the past 2 1/2 years. Everytime I see her I get this happysad type feeling. She was no longer surrounded by people who wanted to see the best for her. She had moved away from her support system and I blamed her mother and I still do. I just wish that there was more that I could’ve done while she was around. Around 1am this morning she sent me a message letting me know so matter of factly that she now has a baby girl who is one month old. This little girl is 15. Her baby father is 20. I want to know whats wrong?? I think part of me knew that this would happen but I never thought so soon. All three of her older sisters had babies out of wedlock. Two of them were still in high school. Her mother had a baby almost 3 years ago out of wedlock. I want to know what is wrong?? Is this what we must deal with?? Our babies are following in the footsteps of those who have set a negative example and now they are having babies that they’re not even old enough to puch out. I’m frustrated… hurt.. and disappointed. I feel compelled to do something but what can I do?? How can I save a dying generation. The homicide rate is sky high and we look around and dont even see that we pulling the trigger on ourselves. When is enough going to be enough?? When are we going to do something to save our kids?? Help.

Do Something About Darfur

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By Evelyn Leopold

Thu Apr 19, 5:13 AM ET

Children in Sudan are press-ganged, coerced to join armed groups, raped and used as forced labor or sex slaves, according to a new report by humanitarian groups.

The report, Sudan’s Children at a Crossroads, concentrates mainly on Darfur, where a conflict has been raging for four years, and southern Sudan, emerging from 20 years of war.

“Children in Sudan continue to endure some of the most inhumane treatment found anywhere in the world,” said Kathleen Hunt, chair of the Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, on Wednesday.

“Despite the end of the war in the south and recent signs of hope for a strengthened peacekeeping force in Darfur, many Sudanese children are not faring any better than they were four years ago,” Hunt told a news conference on the report, compiled by six humanitarian organizations.

While Sudan’s military continues to deny the presence of children in its ranks, the report said its representatives have acknowledged that youth from other armed groups have recently been incorporated into the government armed forces.

In Darfur, most rebel and militia groups recruit children, including the pro-government Arab militias known as the Janjaweed, the rebel Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation Army.

While reports of rape and maiming are prevalent in Darfur, Sudanese girls from other areas have been forced into prostitution or into domestic service in and out of Sudan.

Boys as young as 4 or 5 years old “have been trafficked to Arab Gulf countries to work as camel jockeys and beggars,” Watchlist said.

Education is also a horror in many parts of the country, with the south having the lowest rate in the world of only 25 percent of young people in school.

An entire generation in southern Sudan has missed out on education, said Jeannie Pearlman Robinson of the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children. She cited examples of children walking for two hours to school and untrained teachers working for low or no pay.

“Education cannot wait until the fighting is over,” she said.

Francis Mading Deng, a former Sudanese foreign minister, U.N. envoy for displaced people, author and now a professor at Johns Hopkins University, said that children and civilians could only be spared through a political solution.

“The need for a political solution is the only way we can find peace,” he said.

The six groups on the Watchlist steering committee are Care International, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, the Norwegian Refugee Council, International Save the Children Alliance, Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children, and World Vision Canada.

A Beautiful Weekend

I woke up on friday morning relieved… it was finally the weekend!! Work was a drag because I was so anxious to just go home. I rushed to the bank in a hurry then ran to WalMart with my mom and sister. Then I had to rush home to change clothes… it was time to hang!! YaY!! We decided to go to Red Lobster and then to the pool hall.. and whatever I had to eat was delicious!! LoL! I los about 40 dollars playing pool but then i got it all back [thank you Lord!] and by 3:30 we were beat and ready to go home. By the time we got home and in the bed it was almost 4:30 and we had to wake up at 7:15 saturday morning. Well morning did come real early but I was working pretty well with my 3 hours of sleep. By the time I got dressed and ready to go it was after 8 and we were late. We made our way down to the church and boarded the van. We were on our way to Sarah’s Hope and I must admit I was not very enthused about going. I know 2 people who were living there for a while and I know that they both put themselves in that situation. Although I felt sorry for their kids I really didnt sympathize with the parents [that I knew] because I know what they did to get to where they were. I guess knowing people who previously lived in the shelter kinda made me look at them all the same. Once we got there we got a tour and we all chose different stations to work at. Once I got there and really saw them all lying there on that floor in one room I guess I kinda changed my view of them. I sympathized with them cause thats the kinda thing I wouldnt want anybody to have to go through, but at the same time… I didnt walk out of there feeling as sympathetic. I really enjoyed myself there. I loved helping them out and really seeing how they live everyday. It made me kinda think that anything can happen at any time and leave you with nothing. I didnt know their stories or what happened to have them there but I knew that right then and there they were lacking something that I had and take for granted everyday. But at the same time, apart of me was a little upset because of the reaction that we got from most of the people there. They were rude, picky, and unappreciative and I feel like when somebody is doing something for you that they dont have to do you can at least act like you a little happy about it. I could’ve been in my bed sleep half the morning but I chose to help them and only a handful were really grateful… because of that handful I would have no problem going back. Even tho I felt like some of them were rude I walked out of there happy because I did something to help somebody and you cant put a price on that. Around one we prayed and made our way back home. After we got back everyone left and me, Shay, Jaz, B, and Ness all went out for the day. We decided to go out to eat but Ness had to get her hair did first!! LoL!! We went to this place called CJ’s around 5:30… they had these crabs that were sooo good!! Then we went to White Marsh to pick something up and was in the house by around 9. I was dogg tired! Around 11 I hit the bed and woke up bright and early in time for early morning service. I probably one of the best palm sundays that i have EVER had!! 8:00 service was OFF THE HOOK and so was 11:00 service and I was churchin all day after that. We decided to go to Red Lobster’s again with the good folks from City of Refuge… and we had a BLAST!! We got in the house around 7 and I was able to be in the bed by 9… thank God!! I was a little tired this morning but I slept so good last night that it didnt even matter. On this monday morning I feel so refreshed and read to get thru this week… And I’m thanking Jesus for conquering death, hell, and the grave!! Find out how I really feel about “Easter” this year at [prayed up]