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ii was thinking the other day about the turn that my life has taken. some things are not good and some things are frickin awesome. either way, ii chose not to complain. this weekend has probably been the best in a long time. actually these past few weeks have been awesome. there has been so much stuff going on but seriously, at the end of the day ii have not a care in the world. the past week or so has been rather hectic but all is well. a few people have stepped out of line and we were forced to put them back in place. a few people have tested me in the worst way. a few people have even lied to me and then had the audacity to come to me for help when shit hit the fan. but on top of all that, ii have had more fun than anything. things ar slowly falling into place in my life. things are working the way that they should and ii am happy. some exciting things are coming up in the very near future and hopefully i’ll be around to tell of more great days but even if not, everything is awesome in my life so ii have no complaints. ii heart life. ii heart the L. ii heart my bestie. ii heart my goone. ii heart my shink. ii heart honey. ii heart life and everything in it…and that, my friends, IS THE BONUS!!! lmao
Rest In Peace Talia Marie Pleasant:: you are finally free from all pain hurt and sickness. ii know that you are up in heaven with God. you are a beautiful princess.

a place princesses go

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ii am so happy to announce that Talia is going to Disney World…ii dont know when, ii dont know howbbut ii know Who. God is making a way and ii know that she just cant wait to go to Disney World.


He really does answer prayers

Cinderella awaits…

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one day ii was on the space, not doing anything important and ii saw this lil gurl on Heb’s page. me in all of my curiosity, ii wanted to know who she was. ii automatically went to his blog and there was her story. links…more of her story. pictures, slide shows of this lil girl, beautiful as can be with the most precious smile i’ve ever seen. her eyes are so full of life and as ii sat there reading her story my eyes were full of tears. from that point on ii was amazed by this little gurl. her strength, her courage but more than anything God’s favor on her lil life. it must be something special in her for her to go thru all that she has endured and still smile that pretty smile.
today ii read some bad news. Talia cannot have surgery and right now that is the only cure for her cancer. her parents are faced with a problem….does she go thru treatment or not?? while ii am praying for her parents, family and friends ii am also praying for this young girl whose only wish is to go see Cinderella’s castle. well Talia, Cinderella’s castle is for princesses so ii think you would fit right in. ii wanna help, and ii dont know how to do that. ii know that there are fund raisers for the treatment and things like that but ii wanna give Talia a wish. maybe it wont bring a limo to take her an airport and maybe it wont put her up in a fancy hotel for a week but Talia wants to go to Cinderella’s Castle and the way ii see it….if she cant get there, Cinderella needs to come to her. pray for Talia Marie Pleasant and all those impacted by her life.
read Talia’s story

well…ii wanna make a wish too!!

if ii could make a wish, ii would wish that the stupid Make A Wish Foundation would not be taking away my sister and bestie for a whole FIVE DAYS!! if ii could make a wish, ii would wish that somehow they could have a different wish so ii could somehow be near them during this exciting time. if ii could make a wish, ii would not be staying in BALTIMORE while they go all the way across seven seas and twenty four rivers to the BAHAMAS!! maybe they should be staying IN THE COUNTRY so that ii can feel a little bit connected. but tomorrow morning EARLY AS CRAP they will be going BY LIMO to the airport to venture off to foreign lands for a very long time. actually, ii am a lil happy cause ii get some time without them and PEACE && QUIET is greatly appreciated but ii dont think ii need five days away from them. nope, five days is way too long. but, Jazzzie deserves this. she’s been thru hell and she survived so im glad that her wish came true. Big Mama and Daddy Dearest deserve this because they have been thru this with her the entire time and this is a great way to reward them for staying strong thru everything. now, shink, ii dont really know if she deserves this lol… i mean, she might deserve a great best friend award. maybe even a trip to the ocean or something like that. BUT A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS FOR FIVE DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS…um ii dont know if that is sufficient lmao. ii am hoping and praying that they enjoy every single second of their trip and that they return safely home with lots of gifts for me!!! lol. but um, anyways…im going on my own private trip on saturday. where to?? THE AQUARIUM!!! and of course its better than the bahamas…ii get to look at the fish, no one wants to swim with them.DuH!! lol. and ii get to sleep in my own lil bed because that is so much better than a five star hotel suite. and, my mother makes the best pancakes and id take that over free room service anyday!!! hahaha… ok. ii wont have as much fun as them but perhaps a few days with just me and the wifee is exactly what ii need so altho ii am missing them terribly already, ii know that ii am going to have fun this weekend as well. and ii get to do the honors of making the next scrap book!!
so be in prayer for them that they have loads of fun and that they remain safe this whole trip. and pray for me because ii have to drag myself out of bed at 4 am tomorrow morning just to see them off and take pix in the limo….they are lucky ii love them cause at 4 in the morning ii be just rolling over!! ii heart my besties.

she’s my bestie

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okay.. so I’m way out of order but I decided I would wait til India’s birthday to write about her and her son… so tomorrow you will read about them.

My Jazzy Girl.. what can be said about her?? She is like my sister and we have been thru the worlds most stuff in the time that we have been friends. We have fought and laughed and cried and cursed each other out. We have gotten in tons of trouble together and we have grown together and there is nothing that she cannot do. She has fought thru every thing that life has thrown at her and she has come out more stronger and more beautiful then she has ever been. I love her to death because of the person that she is but most of all because of the strength that she has. When I am weak I can count on her to be there and she always pulls thru. She has one hell of a testimony and thru everything her faith in God has increased tremendously. Sure, she has her shortcomings and she faces her issues but she is such a better person because of everything that she has had to endure. We argue and we get on each others nerves but nothing or no one can break our bond. I love this chick more than words can say and I would graciously lay down my life for her. There are not too many people that I can honestly say are my friends but I can count her in. She has been there, thru the good the bad and the indifferent and she will always be there. Her family is my family and my family is hers… no one will ever take her place in my life and nothing can take her out of my heart. She can be bossy and sometimes she can even be a b**ch but she’s my bestie and I love her tremendously!!

Up next is Jessa… she’s my #1 Go0n13

Alone But Never Lonely

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I now have a new favorite show that comes on Lifetime every Sunday night. Well, nothing could really ever take the place of Still Standing but we’ll just call this one my second favorite. Its a new show called Side Order of Life. It’s really interesting and if I were you I would really check it out… comes on at 8pm by the way.

Let me tell you briefly about this show [for those of you that have never seen it]. There are 4 main characters. The first is Vivy, she is this great person who loves life so much and lives every day to the fullest but she has terminal cancer. Then there is her best friend, Jenny, who works for a magazine as a photographer. Ian, who is, well was, Jenny’s fiance, met Jenny through Vivy. And then there’s Rick, who is Jenny’s boss and also a close friend to Vivy, Jenny and Ian. In last weeks episode, Jenny postponed the wedding and in yesterday’s episode her and Ian broke up for good. In the first episode, Jenny dialed a wrong number and it ended up being some dude that she doesn’t know but she eventually ended up talking to him about a lot of things. She feels safe talking to him because she doesn’t know him and therefore she feels as tho he cant really judge her.

Well, to get back to the point of this post. On yesterdays episode Jenny was sent to do an article on siamese twins who were sharing the same liver and were ultimately going to die. They sat down and they explained to her that they had been side by side for so long that neither of them could ever imagine life without the other so they were refusing get a seperation surgery that would most likely kill one of them. For a while, Jenny understood. These twins had shared their entire lives with one another and they wouldn’t be able to possibly imagine living life all alone.

As Vivy and Jenny were at lunch Vivy said something that changed her entire outlook on situation. She said that when you have the opportunity to live you take it, you fight for it. You dont just give up on life because you want to be with someone, you fight, even if its not for you, you fight for the people that love you. The twins were eventually persuaded to have the surgery done because they went into it knowing that if one of them died they were giving the other a chance to finally live their lives normally. Well, to make a long story short, one of the twins died but even after the surgery the living twin said that she felt her sister with her and that she wasn’t alone.

I guess that was a learning process for Jenny. She was so stuck onto Ian that she wanted to have him all to herself when she knew that eventually she would have to say goodbye. She didnt want anyone else to be with him or even take some of his time away because she was stuck to him for so long that she couldn’t picture life without him. Eventually she said goodbye, gave the ring back, and moved on but it was still hard for her to do. By the end of the show she realized that she may be alone but she’s never ever lonely because she has the love of her friends and family even when they aren’t right there by her side.

What did I get from this episode?? You’re never lonely unless you chose to be. There is always someone or something that you carry around in your heart so even in your most lonely times you are never really alone. We all have family and friends that have marked places in our hearts and the simple impact that they leave is enough to comfort us when it seems like we’re all by ourselves. Never ever be afraid to let anything or anyone go for fear of being alone. A lot of times we hold onto people and things when we should really be walking away from it but we let our fears paralyze us.

Just something to think about.

Alone but never Lonely