…ii remember a melody.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on July 21, 2009

ii remember a song on Kirk Franklins album that ii used to lovee nd ii hadnt heard it in a while before today…. ii used to play it for my bestie all the time when she was going thru kemo but today ii had to play it for myself


lately ive bee thinking, thinking about you. and all the things ive seen you go thru. your mother the cancer the problems at home sorry ii wish ii could fix whats wrong. ii hurt when you hurt ii cry when you cry even the deep ones sometimes wonder why am ii goin thru im waiting but still no You… HES STILL IN CONROL. HES SOVEREIGN AND HE KNOWS JUST HOW IT FEELS TO BE AFRAID HAVE ALL YOUR LOVE WALK AWAY BE STILL AND KNOW HES STILL IN CONTROL….


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