resurrection sunday

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on April 13, 2009

today was a very good day. ii was very skeptical about going to church but it wasnt too bad. GoD confirmed today a lot of things that ii already knew. one thing that ii did come to realize is that some people are exactly who you think them to be. there was one person that im really cool with and ii could tell by they way that they present themselves from time to time that there was something really wrong beneath the surface. well ii saw that today and ii dont like what ii saw at all but ii aint upset about it because ii knew that that person was exactly like that. another thing that ii realized is that ii clearly miss being in worship a lot but ii need a church home.

things are finally starting to come together for me…not that they werent before but im seeing more clearly now. ii got a plan that im trying to follow. going to get my life together and do what ii can to get to the next level. trying to up my ministry even tho its going to be a struggle

well let me go…trying to figure out what im doing tonight. nothing too unholy


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