back home.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on April 10, 2009

today was my first official day back home. yesterdays travel was completely stressful. our two o clock bus didnt dock til 3 and the traffic was ridic. by the time we got into DC ii was dogg tired but they said we had to transfer to another bus WHICH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN… so we get off the bus. grab all our luggage and was told to go to gate 9. we go to gate 9 WITH ALL OUR LUGGAGE and then they direct us BACK to the same daggone bus that we just got off of. get to Maryland finally and the bus driver decides he wants to stop in Silver Spring WHICH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN… we wait there for FOREVER and then head downtown. once we get downtown we finally make it travel plaza. ii was so happy to see my momzz and my homeboy turns around too get our luggage and ITS NOT THERE. ok… wtf?? yes they clearly took our luggage off at downtown. so not only have we been irritated all day but by the time we actually get to where we are going an entire 2 1/2 HOURS LATER we have to wait another hour for them to bring us our luggage. yes ii was truely upset and irritated and tired by the time ii got in the house.

woke up this morning got dressed and went to see my god daughter for a bit. she is getting so big and precious lol. then we went out erdman to get the crazies. me.mo.phil.and.yang went to the marsh for a lil too long. then we dropped yang back at the crib and went to my house. delley came to see me and so did JonesZ…so that was cool. finally got in the house and baking a cake but it feels good to walk these streets again.lol. tomorrow night is my get together so thats my chance to see all the lost ones that ii havent seen in forever. church sunday which ii am so ready for. ii am ready to get to NC even tho ii didnt want to go there at first ii think this is going to be a good thing for me. we shall see.

all ii know is that im going to enjoy my time home…relax and spend time with my fam. getting my priorities together and got my head on straight. see…theres some good in these mean streets lol.


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