going home…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on April 7, 2009

tomorrow marks the day… ii will be back in Bmore with the peeps. ii cannot wait simply because this place is irritating me. after ii leave home i’ll be in North Carolina… ii didnt want to go there at all but ima make the most of it. def going to school….taking advantage of every benefit they are offering.

Right now im sitting here listening to gospel music. trying to get my mind back to Him… the people here managed to get under my skin in a minor three minutes so ii have get my motivation back up. excited to be going to a place of worship on sunday. one good thing about going to NC is that ii know there are a lot of churches that ii could go to. looking for a new church home so ill be on top of that as soon as ii get to where im going.

in the meantime…im doing pretty good. just trying to get by the best way that ii can. dealing with leaving VA and that means ill be leaving him behind. its harder than ii make it seem. ii just do a really good job hiding my feelings but its a struggle that im going to get through no matter what. ii dont want people like that in my life. yes… ii love him and ii always will and it sucks that we dont even have a friendship between us anymore but thats the way things have to be. ive made a decision and im sticking to it…no matter what. sorry for those that dont like it.

ii get the chance to hang with LeyLey next week which is exciting for me. after everything that has happened between me and her im glad that we are at the place that we are now. she actually just called me…dunno what she wanted. prob complaining about Jess but then again…some things never change lmao. that situation will always be a joke to me.

im also excited because ii get to surprise my cousin Sedi and go to friendship on Sunday. she’ll be super shocked cause she thinks im going to shiloh. actually ii am going to shiloh for the sunrise service (oh boy) and their sunday school program. then its straight to NaNa’ s church and then to the big cuzzo’s house to eat. can not wait. oh…mommy got the back porch done so we gonna throw a grill out there and cook out prob mon or wed…idk yet

ii think thats all ii have for today… oh… ii get to take my god_daughter Destiny out sat and mon which ii am super excited about. she just turned two months and ii havent seen her yet so this will be new. ii dont know how ii havent seen someone that ii spend so much money on… lol… cant wait.

until next time…ttyl. prob wont blog will im at home so just pray that ii dont kill someone while in bmore…you know how they all irritate me no matter how much ii love them to death lol


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