the count down begins

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on April 3, 2009

so…im going to be back in BMore in exactly six days and ii cant wait. ii really really need to be around fam for a minute or two even tho they are going to annoy me as soon as ii get there .lol. the count.down also begins for the time ii will step foot in a church. its been a good minute tho. every one knows by now that easter is my favorite holiday… more of a reason to go to worship service…not the people or the annual antics but .HiM. plan on finding a church home as soon as ii get to where im going cause He knows as well as ii know that me && him could use the time together. Jesus also knows as well that im not in the mood to deal with “church” people who are really not .the church.  any ways… ill stop talking about the church because ii do realize that there are some good people in the church. its just the phony ones that have put a bad taste in my mouth. && they can turn their noses up at me all that they want but ii dont parade around like im the saint of GoD.

ii am highly excited about my .last. weekend here in va. nothing big planned. just going to the normal spot on friday with the class then going on saturday to the movies… fast.&&.furious. comes out and im super excited because the entire original cast is in this one. then after that im going with the gurls to the hotel just to get away from everyone and chill out. spend the day in the hot tub or something… get a few drinks and watch movies all day. nothing like a gurls day.

we got our orders on wednesday and ii refuse to talk about them because there is a very good chance that mine will be changed. once ii figure out for sure where im going ii will def let you all know so that you can be up on it. just know that its either east coast close to family and friends or west coast with my ShinkButt… mommy says GoD is going to send me where He wants so im just waiting to see where He desires me to go.

talk to you all at a later date. kudos.twice.


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