you cant break me…im back on top

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on March 27, 2009

ii tend to forget a lot of times who GoD is and when ii do that things get real rocky for me. its been a while since ii stepped foot in a church but thats only because…ii really didnt feel like going. me && Jesus was on two different pages for some time but then like yesterday ii realized.yet again.that my life dont really work without him. so im running back to him but first ii must share with you all… ii miss this place cause this is what keeps me grounded.

first is…and im thankful that this is over…but one of my homeboys was so close to death that its ridiculous. my husband fisher was jumped a few weeks coming from the club. seems like when people see someone on the come up they try to break him but my boy pulled through. he was in a coma for a few weeks and they even gave him 2 days to live but he is back up and running. yeah…its going to be a while before he comes back to his a game but he got his life and im so happy about that.

a few weeks ago…as you all know. me and troy ended our relationship. it was hard…really hard and no matter how much ii wantede to go back to him something kept pulling me back. now ii know that that was nothing but GoD doing His job. ii found out yesterday that this dummy got into a shitload of trouble that could possibly turn out really bad for him. bottom line is…ii dont wanna be a part of something like that and so im glad that ii seperated myself from him before it became too late. he was on the right track…got his life together and then he went right back to doing the stupid nonsense again. im not usually the one to down people because ii got my past just like everyone else but ii know im not that dumb to be that stupid. ii still do some crazii things but thats something ii would NEVER do no matter what. im focused on something better and this was the confirmation ii needed to know that me and him are too through. its over and it hurts but im ok with the way things turned out. im growing and it feels damn good.

as soon as ii got the bad news from the dummy ii got a vm from mommy saying she needed money to get our back porch done. she told me she needed a lot of money¬†and ii was just a lil stuck because ii wont have it until ii get my taxes back and she kinda needs it now. let me just say for the record that no matter what financial issue that my fam seems to have we always come through some kinda way. ii told her that ii didnt have it and my sis wasnt getting her check for a few more weeks so we were kinda at a stand still. apply for a loan…denied. what are we going to do?? today she tells me that her insurance is paying 1600 and she had her mortgage money just sitting by so she would use that. ii had credit card sitting around that she could use but when ii checked the balance they told me it was only 200 on their. what am ii gonna do what that?? mommy took my card to the atm this morning and behold there is 700 bucks on it. glory!! shay sent home 700 last night and now ii have enough to give my mommy what she needs and pay for a bus ticket home. GoD always comes thru for us. we might be far apart but we got one heart…and thru our love we always make it thru.

ii get my orders tomorrow and ii leave here in exactly one week. ill be home to see my family and friends soon and ii cant wait. ii wish ii could see my shink but she cant make it home this time. ii dont know when ill be able to see her again but all is well. ii am also excited to see my god-daughter and take her to take pictures with the easter bunny. ii cannot wait. she is two months already and ii havent seen her yet.uugghh.

goodnite all… love