days go by

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on March 14, 2009

wow…its been a while. things are G R E A T!!! ups and down as usual but im loving life right now. me and Troy are OFFICIALLY over. that  was a hard pill to swallow but sometimes you just have to let things go. im ok…we will always be friends but anything more than that will not work. ii love that dude with all my heart but its ok. please.please.please pray for my homeboy Fisher…he is doing a lot better but he was in a coma for some time because some chump niggas decided to jump him at the club. the doctors gave him 2 days to live but my boy pulled thru like ii knew he would. Shay is on her way to cali as we speak. dont know if she is going to be home for easter so it may be a while since ii get to see her again. ii may just have to take a trip over to the west coast just to pay my chik a visit. planning a party right before easter…that should be fun. havent really been doing too much going out tho. went out last night for my homeboy’s bday and had lots of fun but thats it. wanted to go to the movies today but prob pass on that one. what else is new?? uummm nothing. lol. nothing interesting or important to talk about. at all. oh… :yang: confessed his feelings for me last week. ii knew that he was digging ya girl but lets be real. ii dont know where im going from here and ii think ive ruined a lil too many friendships trying to make relationships work. was supposed to go out with Ness this weekend but thats my bust cause ii didnt call her at all this week. ii think ill prob call her wed so we can hang next saturday…thatd be cool. anyways…things are good but continue to keep me in your prayers. love you all…

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