how i became a United States’ Marine Pt. 2

Posted in Baltimore, Marine Corps. by Tanae' A. on December 20, 2008

Boot camp started out fun… Receiving was the best time ever and me && Dear stayed getting into trouble cause we was always doing something stupid. By the time friday started to get close I started getting nervous cause I knew damn well that I could not run a mile and a half. We got to pt that morning and it came time to do the crunches. After about five I was beat but I managed to push out 29 of them bad boys…yay me. hang time. 38 seconds…that aint bad. here we go with this run. im starting in the very front and as soon as I hear that horn I’m sprinting to the finish. Good start. Okay…slowing down. slowing. stopping. stopped. damn. two more laps to go. I dont think I can do this. Leatherwood came up behind me and encouraged me so I ran behind her another lap. last lap. no  more steam. gotta sprint this last one. naw…im walking. i finally finished and I looked at the time…14.17 hott damn ya girl was on a role. Phillips…you needed at least 30 crunches to pass you can do them again. huh?? ma’am…all due respect but I just ran a damn mile and a half, aint no way in hell Ima do more crunches. I gets down to do more and by the end of the day I was on my way to FRP…thats where the IST failures go. But right by my side was Shay. FRP was fun. we met a bunch of cool ass chicks and almost fought like every other day but I was focused on PT cause I had to pass the exit to start training. Two weeks later I was back into training and my Shink was not by my side.

The rest of boot camp was a breeze. we had some hard times here and there but for the  most part it was fun. I loved it ssoo much and made the most out of the situation. On Nov 26, 2008 I became a U.S. Marine. They gave me my EGA and I was happy as hell. On Dec 5 I graduated and brought my butt home. Two weeks later I would be back on Parris Island for my sisters graduation…was so not looking forward to that.

Is this the best thing I’ve ever done. hell yeah…next to getting saved. im happy. I got some sisters to last me a lifetime and Im excited about where the future is going to take me.


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