how I became a United States’ Marine Pt.1

Posted in 5412776, Marine Corps. by Tanae' A. on December 11, 2008

it all started out on one saturday ii was shopping for fatigue pants for youth day. we were in walmart and in comes my lil sisters homeboy jones-z. he introduced ourselves, asked what we were looking for then told me that he was a marine and he had some pants we could use. thank you kind sir, what are you doing with the rest of your night?? needless to say, by the end of the night ii had three pairs of cargos that we could use for sunday morning and ii knew that he was God sent. ii didnt know that he was THAT God sent. the next week we met back up so that ii could return his pants and then we started talking. that day ii found out that he was a recruiter but his job didnt interest me at all.

eventually, we became really cool. ii was at the office on days that ii had nothing better to do but suprisingly he NEVER tried to get me to join. one day ii was off work so me and my lil cuzzo sat at the office for a while and ii said that ii was going to join just to see what he would say. yup, he brushed me off. took cuzzo home and went back to look at more info. ii started reading the literature and all the interesting things that the Marine Corps. had to offer and ii got really interested. then, ii went over to the army office and the navy office and was turned off completely. that day ii made up in my mind that ii was going to be a Marine. ii went home, told Shay, and she said that she was going to join too. everyone gave us hell, most people didnt believe us but ii knew FOR ME that ii was going to go to Parris Island and that ii was going to be a MARINE.

the summer flew by and before ii knew it ii was leaving my job and planning going away parties. it was hard, leaving one place to move on to something bigger than my mind can even think to conceive. ii was leaving behind my family and close friends but ii knew ii had their support even tho most of them did not agree with the decision ii had decided to make. they were going to stand behind me regardless.

the next day, because im lucky, my mom, cousin, and the best recruiter EVER came to see us swear in and board the bus for parris island. me shay and two gurls that we met there amd grew reallyh close with sat on the bus for ten hours waiting anxiously to arrive. when we finally got there, we clapped and cheered and had a great time because we were finally there. ii dont think we knew what we were getting ourselves into but ii knew that no matter what was ahead ii was going to get through it. boot camp had finally began.


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