Posted in family, life, people I love by Tanae' A. on July 11, 2008
there’s a lot of ppl in my family that im not really close with. the family that is close is tighter than spandex but everyone else is kinda just…there. one of my uncles lives in atlanta and ii lovezz him to death but ii cant even remember the last time ii saw him. he was raised by my great uncle so he has always been kinda like over there to me. but, ii look forward to the days ii can see him which is not too often. one thing that ii realized…no matter where ppl are, how close you are to them or what role they play in your life…family is family. whether they are in atlanta, ohio or south carolina…they are family. whether ii saw them when ii was eight or eighteen…they are still family. and right now family is hurt. this morning we lost my great uncle [[the one who raised the uncle in atlanta]]…he had been sick for a while and ii never really was affected by his illness. ii knew that he was sick and the main reason why ii cared was simply because ii knew that my uncle and grandmother would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to him. well…right now ii feel like being around family just because you never know when its gonna be someone’s time to go. and although ii didnt know my great uncle very well ii have tremendous love for him because he came thru for my grandmother in her time of need. family is love…appreciate them while they’re here.
Rest In Peace Uncle Warren 07-11-08

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