silence is not always deadly

Posted in life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on June 30, 2008
im not going to be writting much after this post. right now im in the middle of a transition and ii am kinda trying to take time out to get my thoughts and plans in order. im not going to leave you guys high and dry til the end of the summer but dont expect too much out of me. ii plan on dropping by every now and then [[prayerfully once a week]] to keep you updated on my progress but dont really be on the lookout until the end of august.around the time school starts back up or something. but.in order to keep you well informed ii decided to let you all know what will be going on in my life up until august and even past that. well fourth of july is friday {thank Jesus} and that should be fun…no real plans tho. probably not doing anything since the aunt that cooks out is in florida. boo her. lol. uumm. July 11th is Kicking it with the King at Ne Psalmist. Oh so excited about that. dont know whos going to be there or anything but ii know im going to be in the building. July 19th is our church wide picnic and it was ssoo fun last year so im def going this year even tho its fifteen bucks {with the price of gas!!} august doesnt hold too many exciting things. hopefully my uncle will come visit or we will go see him. i dont know which one yet. but august is kinda a big month for me because im making transition in my job in the middle of that month. after that its all birthdays and holidays. sept 27.Dilly will be 21. oct 6.Lil Eric is turning two. oct 25.India is 22. nov 15.Shany is eighteen and she will be away at college celebrating. nov 16.me and Shay are 21. after that its thanksgiving and christmas. excited about that and know that its going to come super fast. oh thank Jesus lmbo.
but. please. keep me and my family in your prayers. pray for my friends as well. God is revealing a lot to me at this time and im just taking time to soak it all up. learning how to just sit still and listen to him. just keep praying for me and feel free to come by.leave me love. let me know you were thinking about me or something. dont be strangers cause even tho im not writing.im still stopping by and checking every one of your blogs out on a daily basis. ttyl. and be blessed.

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