history in the making

Posted in Barack Obama, be the change, family, life, people I love, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on June 5, 2008
ii am proud right now just knowing that ii am experiencing history taking place. Barack Obama has made me proud and even if he does not take his rightful place in the white house ii am still proud to be an American citizen. He has broken barriers and set records that no one else has been able to set. He is the first BLACK MAN to get this far in the presidential elections and ii am proud of that. ii pray he makes it all the way but for right now ii am happy to say that ii have a front row seat of history in the making. shaback hallelujah BARACK praise the Lord…lolzz, ii stole that from someone but sshhh thats our little secret.
oh, please please please be in prayer for my extended family, just pray that they are strengthened and keep the faith during everything that they have to go thru, today, tomorrow or years from now.

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