my {{possible}} departure

Posted in decisions, family by Tanae' A. on June 4, 2008
ii guess you cant stay anywhere forever. after while you must move on and venture off to other places. finally, im ready to do that. i’ll never forget my ‘family’ and i’ll always be back to that place ii call ‘home’ but it’s time to move on. maybe one day i’ll be back…return back to the place that ii thought ii was supposed to be and maybe one day ill just be considered another visitor but either way, i’m leaving soon enough. when stuff like this happens ii think back to my first ‘home’ and ii was sad to go but at the end of the day ii knew that ii had made the right choice and even still ii know that ii can always go back there and feel like ii belong and know that i’ll alwyas be considered ‘family’ no matter what. ii dont know yet tho. ii feel like its time to move on tho.