dont lose sight of yaself tryna find something else

Posted in decisions, life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on June 3, 2008
…thats my new quote. feel free to borrow it, the cost is $5.00 per word. [[sorry yall, gas is too high]] anyways, that came to my mind on yesterday after a very interesting conversation with someone.
ii remember back to them days when ii was fresh outta high school [[seems like forever ago now]] but ii was a wild child. ii wanted to party, have fun and do anything that ii was bold enough to do. now, im not soo bold. sure, ii love to have my fun every once in a while but there comes a time when the partying gets a lil old. ii guess thats why im starting to look at things differently. im just tired of the every day thing…lets get together every other weekend with some crabs and a hand of spades, and throw in some henney or pina coladas for good measure but thats all the fun ii can handle. dont get me wrong, ii aint tapping out of the game just yet, but some things need to change. fun three years ago aint fun to me anymore. now fun, is chilling in a relaxed environment and just having a good nice RELAXED time. sure, there are going to be some weekends that ii will crave the hype and when that happens you better believe ima be out there doing me. every once in a while ii might feel like stepping out for a night on the town or doing something crazy wit the gurls but for right now im on chills. getting my priorities together and getting my self together so ii can be on my A game when the party is over. most of these dummies out here wanna party all summer and then think that when winter come they can hop up like aint nothing wrong…well ii wont be caught in that crowd again. im planning ahead. yeah, im looking for a good time…im still all about money and fun but at the end of the day ii refuse to lose myself or lose sight of my goals over a few moments of fun…

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