dont be consumed

Posted in friends, life, people I love, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on May 21, 2008
in the wonderful world of Loserville sits :yang::yang: being consumed. the funny thing is that we are both in the same situation but on opposite sides of the spectrum. the only difference is, he’s wishing she was more like me and im wishing that the other dummy was more like him. crazy right?? same exact situation and somehow we manage to pull each other thru with our disrespectful words and ridiculous tactics. it works tho. well anyways, rather than being consumed by the reality that ii cant change ii have chosen to enjoy my time and have as much fun as possible in order to not think about the truth that has somehow landed right before my eyes. but, he decides to sulk and be sad and distraught over what he cant change. he claims he needs to do something so that he wont be consumed but sitting in a house ALL SUMMER LONG will not help you. DuH. so come with me, lets go out, party, drink, make memories and forget about everything that is going on bad. let us act as if we have no cares in the world, at least until winter threatens to knock on our doors. why be consumed?? ii say, forget reality for a lil while and lets HAVE FUN because thinking about what could have and should have been is not fun. im giving him his time, a week tops, to get it together and then after that he is going to be right by my side living it up… i mean we are :yang::yang: for goodness sake. lol

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