loving him more && more each day…

Posted in car, love, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on April 29, 2008
well…DuH…im referring to my lil hooptie Bobby Jack. we have done quite a bit of bonding over the past few days and right now ii just want to sit back and admire him in all of his excellence. ii do not wish to sit behind his wheel, ii have no desire to take him anywhere…he can sit in that parking lot and ii just want to look at him. seriously. you would think i’d be happy go lucky…wanting to drive every where the road can take me but nope. ii want to look at lil ol Bobby Jack and thats it. im tired of driving, tired of paying for gas and ii aint even been with him for a week yet. no, im not neglecting him at all, he’s there when ii need him but ii desperately want to hop in the back seat of my mom’s forenza and just ride. ii guess im gonna miss those days of being scauffered around lolzz. but, ii do lovezz my hoop…he is sexylicious. awesome and he’s MINE!! secret:: i think ii loved him more on saturday than ii do today but since its not raining ii love him more today than ii did yesterday!! lol… once we get him all pimped out ill have pic’s up but he is currently undergoing some reconstructive surgery

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