up on cloud nine…

Posted in life, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on April 25, 2008
ii usually do what ii want when ii want to… ii usually get my way no matter what and usually ill do anything to get what ii want.  but for some reason the things that ii want are just falling on my lap so nicely. im on cloud nine and good thing is, im smiling ear to ear. ii guess my new motto is somewhat true:: expect nothing and you may walk away with everything. right ow, ii feel like ii have everything and ii aint taking nothing back lol. ii hope that everyone enjoys their weekend as much as ii plan to enjoy mine. hopefully i’ll still be on this high come monday morning but who knows. maybe ii can find something to get into tomorrow…who knows?? Happy Friday and have a safe, productive and blessed weekend.


oh, and im going to pick up Bobby Jack tomorrow!! YaY!!

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