things really do get better…i guess

Posted in friends, healing, moving on, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on April 24, 2008
yesterday I was talking to Silk Rayon and I told her that every day gets worse. for a while that was true. but, today its not. today is better. today I woke up at 6:30…just because I wanted to. I was at work on time which shocked EVERYBODY lol. the sun is shining bright… the bus was on time… it wasn’t too hot. it is just a better ok day. im smiling, laughing, talking to my friends, making jokes and loving it. yes, today is an okay today. secret:: I have a friend. like a friend friend. ok, dont shake your head just yet. we were friends before this entire fiasco even began but I brushed him off because of the idiot in ohio. he’s…nice. we are JUST FRIENDS for all of you concerned individuals. no dating, no late night rendezvous, no extreme crushing yet…just a nice guy to talk to a few days out of the week. and I’m not even totally comfy with that because I dont want to use him as a crutch or a rebound. but, I’m slowly moving FORWARD with my life and leaving JHW II in the past so once I get over that its nice to know that I’ll have someone there. tomorrow marks the weekend and I’m acting out for a while. not totally, completely acting out…im still holding on to my save I just need to let off some steam. so, me and the goone’s are hanging and I’m gonna let all my cares go for just one night. should be fun. I’m feeling good today, feeling better today. maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe not but for right now I’m ok. it’ll get better with time I suppose, my heart is slowly healing and I’m moving on…for good. no lie this time lolzz.

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