Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on April 21, 2008
monday morning blues have been dragged in along with the rain but it was a good weekend overall so im not even going to trip on todays raunchy weather. the show thursday was awesome, we had so much fun. we left there and went to chill with Nico and Black for a minute then headed home around two. the next morning we woke up to take care of some stuff, me and mommy had a lot of running around to do. by the time 7:30 hit i was knocked out and didnt want to wake up til the next morning. unfortunately, around midnight i woke up unable to get back to sleep at all. i sat up for five hours doing NOTHING AT ALL but trying to get back to sleep. eventually it was time to get up and dressed for the outting that i was NOT happy about. i dressed, put on my smile and headed out the door at FIVE FORTY FIVE A.M. around 6:30 we all boarded the bus and got ready for the drive. of course, everyone slept the entire way and i was forever grateful for the three hour nap cause it was oh so necessary. we actually enjoyed ourselves. who woulda thought. once we got there we walked around a lil, we were able to make fishing hats and then we did a wall climbing thing that was loads of fun. once we got to the fishing part of it me and the besties decided to head back to the bus, the whole fishing scene just wasnt our thing but the youngins loved it. we found some food that was DELICIOUS!! after about an hour pow chow with Peggy we decided to do a lil more walking around before it was time to go. there were lots of stations that we stopped at. we did a lil bit of side walk painting. talked to a few people about different organic things and headed back to the bus. by the end of the day we were beat but i was happy because the trip turned out way better than i thought it would. everyone slept on the way back as well. we didnt get back in til almost 8 and after getting everything together for morning worship i was out like a light. i slept awesome that night. of course, 6 am came way too early but i got up anyway and got dressed. service was ok, choir was on point as usual these days and the dance was HILARIOUS!!! best part of the entire day:: the backyardigans lmao. i wont go into full detail but i will say this… put AJB, lil drummer boy, Kev, Jess, Peggy, Nik, Jon, Jay and DonDon in the same room around a piano and you will have yourself a few laughs. it was so funny i had to capture some video footage…i would put it up but it does the day no justice, you had to be there. by the time church was over i just wanted to eat and get some sleep. we took the baby home and then we went in the house. i had a headache to die for so i chilled out on the couch while shink took out her hair. by 8 i was in the bed and around 10:30 i was sleep. i actually sat up talking to the L for a good two hours about our trip to ohio and of course we got nothing accomplished. but at the end of the day it was cool cause he cause me to laugh despite the headache that was killing me slowly…thats my :yang::yang: lolzz
Today begins a new work week and another five days to be in the office. Pray real hard that I can go pick the car up by saturday, he told me friday that it was almost done and ready to be inspected so hopefully mommy can take my tags up there today or tomorrow so we can get these wheels a rolling. oh, and the official name of my vehicle is Bobby Jack…it was decided on Saturday in Richmond no thanks to Shink. Bobby Jack:: that sounds pimp-a-licious doesnt it lmao…

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