it aint over

Posted in AJB & AP, blessings, music by Tanae' A. on April 1, 2008
ii have never been a  huge fan of Maurette Brown Clark. there have only been a few songs of hers that ii actually like. even when AP started doing work with her, ii wasnt a big fan. perhaps thats why ii didnt take any interest in her newest cd, which ii just realized is rather old lol. ii dont listen to her music at all and usually when ii hear her voice on my radio ii turn the station. sorry, just not digging her style like that. but, sunday ii was sitting in my room thinking and ii just got this tune in my head. so i starts singing this song and ii know ii heard it before somewhere but ii dont know who sings it. after while, ii became frustrated with looking on the internet just to find who sings it and ii finally just went to the radio website. there it was…Maurette Brown Clark – It Aint Over. huh?? she sings this song?? i never woulda guessed. so im looking at the info and ii see that AJB wrote it so at this point ii wanna call him up and thank him personally for writing something that has just completely blown me away. ii have probably worn out my speakers from listening to that song so dag on much, it just speaks to my spirit in such a way that ii cant even explain. now, ii am def. going to buy this cd, which really should be about 9.99 since its so old lol… but ii really am going to spend however much it costs just to get this album and put that track on repeat…

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