“its never enough”

Posted in thoughts, [[im oh so o8]] by Tanae' A. on March 25, 2008
im too the point now where ii feel like no matter what ii do, its never good enough. the things that ii do for people is not enough to get them to appreciate. the things that ii say are not enough to get people to listen. the life that ii live is not good enough for the person that is so much “better” than me. well guess what… ii dont care anymore. yesterday lil drummer boy said something to me that ii been thinking about for a while… “ii just said something bout it but your own guilty conscience made you change it” was he right?? yeah, in more ways than one. well, what was so right about it?? he reminded me that ii cant change people no matter how hard ii try. ii can say something about it as much as ii want to. ii can talk and talk until im blue in the face but if your own conscienceness doesnt kick in, you are not going to change. ii just thought about that today because someone that ii have tried to help for so long is not changing. she is stuck in the same shit, going in the same circle and ii am wondering why they wont change. plain and simple:: because they dont want to. so, im not stressing any more. not about her or anybody else in my life that refuses to change. people wanna be stuck in the same crap that they in so im to the point now where it doesnt even matter anymore. do you and ignore everything that ii say cause im thru talking. im tired of doing for people and im tired of giving my all for people that throw it all away. this is where we draw the line…since nothing that ii ever do or say is ever good enough ii guess no one will care when ii stop doing and ii stop talking and ii stop caring….

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