my fav holiday in front of easter…

Posted in Easter/Passion Week, easter?, Good Friday by Tanae' A. on March 21, 2008
ii heart easter…but ii heart good friday a lil more. but why?? ii always wonder why we celebrate easter more than we celebrate more than good friday but ii wont even get into that right now. to me, good friday is more special. its the day that He actually died to me. of course, easter is the day that He got up, its the day that His power was revealed but ii think ii appreciate His sacrifice a lil more than ii appreciate His power. every day that ii wake up ii am reminded that He sacrificed. He gave His life for me and if friday didnt exist ii would not be here and neither would sunday morning. ii guess its times like this that im kinda wishing ii was attending a good friday service rather than sitting helplessly in a cubicle at work. what can be greater than Jesus laying down His life for a lil someone like me?? every single thing that ii have ever done wrong in my life has been forgiven because He thought it not robbery to give His life. i’m just appreciating Him and His life right now…
ii am so grateful for the sacrifice that was made on my behalf and ii am also thankful for Him getting up out the grave.
Happy Ressurection Sunday Everyone… and remember that its not about the easter baskets, the eggs or the big pink bunny. its not even about the suits you’ll buy your sons or the lil frilly dresses that your daughters will hate you for in then years. its about JESUS and so many times we lose sight of that. so warm or cold, rain or sun, morning or night…keep your focus on Him cause when He died, His focus was on you.

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